Trade Show Planning

The trade show planning process begins with learning more about your company, its visions & pain points.

Trade Show Design

Our renderings & customized sketches transform your ideas into a comprehensive visual of your exhibit.

In-House Staging

Our staging team builds your finished booth in our warehouse before the show to finalize all components.

Project Management

With help from our project managers, planning and exhibiting at the show is executed with confidence.

Lightweight Solutions

Our lightweight trade show exhibits are tailored to your specific needs. The lighter weight of these exhibits will minimize your shipping and drayage costs. Their striking appearance coupled with our colorful graphics will make a powerful impact on the trade show floor.

Hybrid Solutions

Our hybrid trade show exhibits combine the durability and impressiveness of structural solutions with lightweight components to minimize expenses. They maximize your value by giving you the allure of a structural trade show exhibit without the added cost.

Structural Solutions

Our structural solutions are custom built to your specifications. Their durable structure allows for the construction of double decks, conference rooms, towers, and a variety of other features. These impressive custom exhibits will make your company stand out among the crowd.

Our Story

Meet our President, Lisa Bertaina. As a leader in our workplace, Lisa, along with our CEO Laurie Pennacchi, adds a strong women-owned presence to our company. Our WBENC Platinum Certification not only exemplifies this characteristic, but opens up opportunities for diverse business relationships and initiatives.

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