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3 Types of Exhibition Stand Builds

When looking for a trade show display, you have many options. The one you choose will depend on the size you need, how you need your booth to function, and your budget. Even smaller businesses that do not have the large budgets of huge corporations can create a space that will attract the crowds. Below, one of our trade show display experts outlines three of our most popular exhibition stand builds.


40’ x 50’ Trade Show Booth


One of the largest types of trade show booths you could use is the 40’ x 50’ trade show booth. This type of booth can be separated into at least three different sections so you can incorporate a place to greet guests, include many large and comfortable seating areas, electronics, and huge walls that can showcase your product or service. With the extra addition of a display highlighted with overhead lighting, this type of exhibit is sure to become one of the main attractions at any trade show.


30’ x 50’ Island Trade Show Booth


If you have a very large space at a trade show, the 30’ x 50’ island trade show booth may be just what you have been looking for. With this design, you can actually create different spaces within your exhibit. You can use one area to meet with new leads while another space could be used for product demonstrations. The walls that separate the different areas are fully customizable and can display information about your company, your logo, tagline, or more.


10’ x 20’ Trade Show Display


If you do not have the space or budget for a larger exhibit, a 10’ x 20’ trade show display can still create a lasting impression among trade show attendees. Within this smaller space, you can fit electronics such as televisions or tablets, a reception desk, a small sitting area, countertops, and more. Again, the walls and surfaces of your display are fully customizable and can be used to convey your message to the masses.


Why Work with Us for Your Trade Show Display


At ExpoMarketing, we are proud to offer the best trade show displays in the country. When working with us, you will benefit from the following:

  • A full portfolio of customizable stand designs that can help you get inspired
  • A project manager dedicated to your stand and who will keep you updated on its status
  • A pre-build of your exhibit so you can make sure it aligns with your vision and to ensure you are perfectly happy with it
  • Full support throughout the entire process so your display looks and functions exactly as you had imagined

Call Our Trade Show Display Experts Now to Get Started

At ExpoMarketing, our trade show display experts can help you determine which type of exhibit is right for you. We will then work very closely with you to design a display that showcases your business or product in a way that is eye-catching and that will attract the crowds. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online so we can get started on your display today.