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3 Ways to Design Your Double Deck Display (Infographic)

You only have a few seconds to attract the attention of a potential customer, so it’s important to make a lasting impression on a competitive trade show floor. Besides being eye-catching for its large size, the double deck display is a great way to maximize your vertical space with lighting, high contrast graphics, and multiple meeting areas. Here are a few design ideas from our award-winning portfolio:


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  1. Go big with bold graphics—The high contrast color scheme and large imagery gives the NRL Labs exhibit a bold attitude, which is designed to attract attendees into the space and drown out the surrounding environments with a vivid color palette and an intimate perimeter style floor plan.
  1. Let there be light—In our 20×40 Solstice design, creative lighting and simple use of texture are all that are needed to complete the design and give it a very efficient and clean atmosphere. Because the construction is so impactful, there really is no need for a wealth of graphic treatment.
  1. Keep it structured— Trinetech is an effective marriage of form and function. The floor plan is left relatively open to maintain an inviting personality while still serving as a multi-functional work area for presentations and demonstrations. Raw materials such as stone, wood, and even plants give this otherwise minimal framework its own individual presence.

Serving as a smaller version of your office or retail store, a two-story exhibit has the look and feel of a professional office with designated meeting areas. Add graphics that pop with vibrant colors and dazzling lights for a double deck display that takes center stage.

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