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4 Reasons to Get a New Trade Show Display

Maybe you have had your current trade show display for many years and are considering upgrading. Or, perhaps you have a new message you want to deliver to your customers. These are just two reasons why vendors want to get a new trade show display. Even if you are thinking about it, you may wonder if now is the right time to change your display. Below are four reasons that may indicate it is.


Your Current Display has Wear and Tear

An exhibit with scratches, dents, and stains will not represent your brand image or your organization favorably. If your exhibit looks worn out, attendees at the trade show will not want to stop by your display, and even your staff members may not feel comfortable within the space. A new trade show display will refresh the look of your space and make it appear much more professional. It will also give you the opportunity to include new styles and designs you may have seen in another display and that you thought would work well with your product.


You Have a New Name, Marketing Message, or Strategy

If your company has just undergone a rebranding, has launched a new product, or has entered a new market, it may be time to get a new trade show display. If your current display no longer accurately represents what is shown on your website or your corporate image, it is time for a new one. You may have also considered moving into a new market, which means marketing to a new group of leads and potential customers. In this scenario, you may want to use a rented display or a smaller display before determining if moving to a larger display is worthwhile.


You Need a Different Size of Display

Maybe you have decided that you want to exhibit at two larger shows rather than the multiple smaller shows you once attended. Or, perhaps you have decided that you want additional room for presentations, demos, or storage at the shows. Any time you change your strategy or your trade show needs change, it may be time to get a new display.


You Have Shipping Issues

Shipping trade show displays can become very costly. If shipping expenses are getting too high, you may want to consider a new display that would be less expensive to ship. Additionally, if your company has branched out to international shows, the cost of shipping will be very high. Another shipping issue occurs when displays get lost. In these instances, you will need a new display but the shipping company that lost it should be responsible for paying for it.


We Can Help with Your New Custom Trade Show Display

If you need a new trade show display, our professionals at ExpoMarketing can help you determine which one is right for you and your company. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to learn more about the options available and how we can help.

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