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4 Things To Know Before Your First Pharma Tech Trade Show

If this is your first pharma tech trade show, it’s a good idea to plan ahead, keeping your budget at top priority. Understanding your company goals, selecting the right custom trade show display, and choosing the best exhibit space are all crucial steps in making a mark at your next industry show.

  1. Know Your Brand

In order to reach your target customer base and make the most of your upcoming trade show, it’s important to fully understand your brand. Once you’ve secured a space at the show, now is the time to communicate to your trade show booth display designer about who you are, your company goals, and your vision for the future. It’s also helpful to learn everything you can about the upcoming show and attending competitors to ensure your booth display stands out.

  1. Rental Vs Buying

When determining a budget for your first pharma tech trade show, consider renting trade show booths versus buying. Many companies opt for rental because of its flexibility. One of the challenges is standing out from the competition, which could involve making changes and adjustments to your trade show display booth. With rentals, you have the option of altering the design, layout, and size as often as needed.

Rental is also more cost effective. On average, renting costs about a third of buying a comparable booth. If you’re attending more than one show, renting is significantly less expensive than purchasing several trade show booths. Another benefit of renting is that you can sidestep refurbishing and repair fees. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about storage and “pull and prep” costs.

  1. Choosing Your Exhibit Size

Consider your budget first and foremost. Once you’ve crunched the numbers, it’s time to map out your company goals. Keep in mind the purpose of attending the trade show. If your goal is to have your trade show booth stand out from the competition, it might be a smart investment to double the size of your booth. While smaller displays can be effective in the right circumstances, it might look cluttered and not well thought out, so make sure you don’t under-size your space.

  1. Location is Everything

Avoid space locations with obstructions like large columns, pillars, or fire extinguishers. Also find out where your competitors will be set up. Depending on your strategy, you might want to be close by or as far away as possible. Additionally, every show has different rules, so before you start planning, know the height and signage restrictions and how booths are mandated.

Your first trade show can be overwhelming, but with some planning and insight, you’ll be ready to reach company goals and objectives with custom trade show displays. Knowing your company brand and strategy, you’ll be one step closer to standing out from the crowd. With 24 years of experience in custom trade show booth displays, we can help turn your vision into reality at your upcoming pharma tech trade show.

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