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Are Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays Right for You?

Tension fabric pop up displays utilize full color graphic fabrics. The fabrics are usually printed as one piece, and they usually remain on the display when being stored. This makes setting it up at your next trade show even easier. You simply have to open the frame, put it into position, and you are set. Once you open the tension fabric pop up frame, the fabric graphic is stretched tight. Unlike other types of displays, there are no panels to hang and you do not have to attach any struts.


The Frame of a Tension Fabric Pop Up Display


Standard pop up frames are used for fabric pop up displays as well, but they are typically sturdier with additional locks or frame connectors. The frame of fabric pop up displays also generally has a deeper footprint and the tubes used are usually thicker. Most of the work that comes with a fabric pop up display, while still minimal, is in setting it up. This makes tension fabric pop ups great for not just trade shows, but for any presentation in which you need to quickly set up.




The cases used for tension fabric pop ups are often padded nylon bags, but you can also use a standard plastic molded pop up case. The cases for tension fabric pop up displays do not typically have a podium wrap feature, but you can upgrade to another type of case that does.




You may still be able to use lighting in your tension fabric pop up display, although this option is not always available. When lighting can be included in the frame, the systems can be attached to the top of the frame with a special bracket or by clamping the lights on. Some models also offer backlit panels, but the majority of them are lit from the front.


Fabric and Graphic Panels


Graphic and fabric panels are made in one single piece with dye sublimation graphics. These fabric prints offer full color and they typically remain attached to the frame. Some models cover only the front of the display so the sides of the display are exposed, while others wrap around the ends. In most cases, the latter is recommended. It is important to remember that the panels are made of fabric, so things such as direct sunlight can damage them slightly. If this is a concern, such as if your trade show is outside, you should ask about opaque backing.


Call Us to Learn More About Our Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays

If you think tension fabric pop up displays are right for your exhibition, call us first. At ExpoMarketing, we take great pride in all of our display options and can review your needs and preferences with you to make sure you get the one that is right for you. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to book a meeting with one of our representatives and to learn more about how we can help with your display.

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