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Benefits of Table Top Displays

When going to a trade show, it is easy to get caught up in huge displays, booths, and having many tangible items for visitors to take home with them. For some, though, these huge displays are not realistic, whether due to budget or space restraints. Fortunately, table top displays have many benefits, including being lower in cost and taking up less room than huge booths and banners. Below are some of the biggest benefits you can realize with a table top display.




Unlike huge booths and banners, table top displays can also be used in places other than trade shows. They can be used at executive seminars, job fairs, product launches, conferences, presentations, corporate meetings, panel board discussions, and many other venues. With table top displays going beyond trade shows alone, they return even more money for your value.




Another way table top displays provide a better return on your investment is in their affordability. Due to the fact that they are smaller, they are more affordable than larger displays. Their smaller size also keeps shipping costs lower, as well as requiring a smaller space at trade shows, which can also be more affordable. Lastly, a smaller table top display does not incur costs for installation, dismantling, or transportation.


Ease of Transportation


Due to their low weight and small size, you do not need a courier service or large vehicle when transporting a table top display. Placing one in your vehicle can be done on your own and many even come with their own shipping case for added protection.


Maintain Focus


A table top display physically brings your message closer to trade show visitors. These displays act as focal points, drawing visitors into it. When they approach it, your message is literally right in front of their face, which can help them focus on it.


Highly Customizable


Table top displays come in many different shapes and sizes and they can be customized for whatever your needs are. You can include your own designs, logos, and trademarks. Many times, it is even possible to change the content and replace the graphics. This personalized touch gives you the edge over other vendors at trade shows because it will capture the attention of visitors.


Easy Setup


Setting up a table top display is much easier than other types of displays, and so is tearing them down. You do not need any tools for either and you can simply prop it up and take it down in one minute or less.


Call to Learn More About Our Tabletop Trade Show Displays

There are many different types of displays you could use at trade shows but of all of them, tabletop displays are some of the most affordable and easiest to use. At ExpoMarketing Group, our professionals can create the trade show display that is right for you and that gets your message across in an effective and informative way. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or reach out to us online to learn more about how we can help.

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