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Common Mistakes Made with Trade Show Displays

A great trade show display will highlight your brand, tell your story in an engaging and interesting way, and draw in the audience. When done right, a trade show display will be a hit and make the hours you spent creating it all worthwhile. However, things can go wrong and it is important to be prepared for them. One of the biggest preparation tools is understanding the most common mistakes that are made with trade show displays, so you can avoid making them.


Not Having a Clear Message

One of your main goals for your trade show display should be to tell a story. To tell your story, you need a clear message that your audience wants to hear. Consider what you have to offer leads and clients and focus on that when creating your display.


Cluttered Displays

On average, trade show attendees spend fewer than five minutes looking at a display before deciding whether they want to learn more or walk away. If your graphics are chaotic or your display is full of too many brochures, business cards, and other elements, you will not be able to convey your message clearly. People will then decide to walk away.


Do Not Always Go Big

The saying goes, ‘Go big or go home,’ but that is not necessarily wise when creating a trade show display. This is particularly true if you have not attended many trade shows in the past. If you are new to trade shows, you may not yet know what your target audience wants, and you may still be learning as you go. On the other hand, even if you attend many trade shows, you may want to save your bigger and more impressive displays for the larger shows while using smaller displays at secondary exhibitions.


Giveaways with No Focus

Anyone who has attended a trade show knows that attendees walk away with a lot of free stuff. Stress balls, pens, and water bottles are just a few of the most common giveaways at trade shows. When deciding on which product you want to giveaway, make sure it fits into the theme of your overall display. For example, if you are offering tech solutions you may choose to give away screen cleaners that are branded with your logo.


Not Connecting with Attendees

Trade shows are all about connecting face-to-face with your target audience. You may not be able to personally speak to all visitors in your space, so it is important to train your staff members who can fill in for you. Train them on the products or services you are trying to sell, and make sure they are not on their phones or otherwise preoccupied during the show. Failing to connect with attendees is perhaps the biggest mistake you could make at a trade show.


Our Trade Show Display Experts Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

At ExpoMarketing, our trade show display experts have seen many mistakes made at exhibitions, so we can help you avoid making the same ones. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to see more of our beautiful display options and to learn more about how we can help.

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