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Double Deck Exhibits: Are they worth it?

If you’ve ever been to London, England, you know that the vehicles that stand out the most on the British roads are those world-famous Double-Decker buses. They’re practical too – able to carry twice as many passengers as a standard issue single-story bus, but in the same amount of ground space. Can you sense an analogy coming? The average show floor at bustling trade shows and conventions is as crowded and chaotic as the UK roadways – or at least they often feel that way. Like those iconic red buses, the double deck exhibits offer a number of distinct advantages. Here are some of the key benefits to making your booth a two-story affair:

You’re Easier to Spot
Like the tallest high-rise buildings in any city, double deck exhibits offer the advantages of added prominence and visibility from across the show floor, helping to direct traffic to your exhibit. For the average show attendee, who steps onto the exhibit floor for that initial scan, it’s the two story exhibits that are going to be seen first…and with a good design, emit an effective gravitational pull.

You’re Making the Most of Your Footprint
Having a double deck trade show booth maximizes the amount of product displays, branding, interactive activity, and special design features you can utilize for the same amount of floor space. Having that second story also provides additional room for seating areas, demos, or conference rooms without having to rent a larger floor space. Also, with a double deck, your company gets twice the booth space without having twice the budget.

You Can Offer Your VIPs a “First Class” Experience
In addition to providing your team with a “balcony” style view of the show floor, there are other perks to be enjoyed with a second story. For example, you can dress up your second story as a sort of “executive suite” area where VIPs can receive special treatment and have a comfortable location to retreat to for seclusion and privacy.

It’s an Expansion of the Design Canvas
If you’ve only worked with a single story booth, imagine the expansion of possibilities when you add a second story of space to work with! You’re an artist working with a much larger, broader canvas. Your design team can help you take advantage of your double deck booth’s prominent display with captivating graphics and visuals that work well from a higher sight line and add a large exclamation point to your company messaging.

It’s a “More than Before” Kind of Experience
With a double deck exhibit, you’ve unlocked the opportunity to further customize the aesthetics of your space. Since double deck exhibts can be designed to fit spaces 20×20 and larger, you can start to consider things that were not practical options in your single story booths of days past. Demo stations, seating areas and theaters can easily be incorporated to your space without sacrificing other exhibit elements. We work with a number of clients that want to try special aesthetic features but are concerned that they will become too cluttered or chaotic in a smaller space. With double deck exhibits, you can let loose design-wise and try different things that work well together without being on top of each other, such as unique lighting and sound options. You can also accent the space more easily with touches such as premium furniture and high-resolution graphics printed on a variety of materials to round out the visual aesthetic of your trade show booth.