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Everything to Know About Printed Table Covers

The idea of using a printed table cover as part of your display at a trade show seems fairly straightforward. However, they are more complex than many people think and there are many factors to consider before choosing one. There are many options available today in the world of printed table covers. This makes it even more important to work with a professional who can help you find the one that is right for your business.


Table Sizes

There are many different sizes of tables used in the trade show industry. The shows you attend may require you to use a specific size. Even when vendors are all using the same types of tables, you can still add some pizzazz to yours that will attract the crowds. It is critical to know the size of table you are using so you can choose a cover that will fit it properly. The most common table sizes used at trade shows are as follows:

  • Six-foot standard height table
  • Eight-foot standard height table
  • Four-foot demo table
  • Bar height table
  • Custom size counter or table


Table Cover Styles

There are many different styles of table covers. A drape-style table cover is simply hung over a table and reaches all the way down to the floor. A fitted table cover, on the other hand, also reaches all the way down to the floor but it fits much more snugly on the table and is more rectangular in appearance. Stretch table covers use different fabric than the other types so it can stretch in two different directions. These stay taught throughout any trade show while also staying wrinkle-free.


Three vs. Four Sides

When choosing a printed table cover, you can also decide to have the cover on three or four sides. These covers are also known as ‘open back’ or ‘closed back’. If you or trade show attendees are going to sit at the table, a three-side table cover is preferable. On the other hand, if guests will be walking on all sides of the table, choosing four sides can make your entire display appear more professional.


Full Color vs. Imprint

If you want a full color graphic, dye sublimation will be used to create it. Dye sublimation provides for greater customization and will give you the full rainbow of colors to use. While a bit more costly, these graphics are typically the best. If you do not need full color or are just starting out at trade shows, you may want to choose an imprinted graphic. These covers are made by using a fabric of a solid color and imprinting a graphic onto it.


Call to See Our Full Selection of Printed Table Covers

Of all the different types of portable trade show displays, printed table covers are some of the best. At ExpoMarketing, we provide a wide range of customized table covers that can boost your brand and draw in trade show attendees. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 to learn more about how we can help tell your brand’s story.

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