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Four Ways to Refresh an Older Trade Show Display

Generally speaking, most custom trade show displays will last for approximately five years. After this time, you may start to notice that certain components are looking worn out and need replacing. Determining when you need to refresh an older display depends on a number of factors. 


For example, if you used high quality materials, your display may last for many more years than just five. On the other hand, if you have used your display at many exhibits, it may start to show wear and tear even earlier. Regardless of when you notice your display is in disrepair, below are some tips that can help you inject new life into it.


Replace the Graphics

If it has been more than a few years since you have updated the signage on your current display, it may be time to switch out the older graphics for new ones. This does not apply to just when your current graphics are starting to look torn or damaged. If your company has moved in another direction or you have changed your logo or trademark, you can replace older graphics with new images without the need to create an entirely new display.


Change the Flooring

The flooring in a trade show display is often one of the first things to start looking worn out. This is not surprising considering that you could have hundreds of people walking through your space at every show you attend. Although it is true that attendees will not enter your space and start staring at the floor, it is an element that can make a bad first impression if it has started to show signs of damage. You have many affordable options when changing the flooring or your display including carpet, foam, rollable bamboo, and plastic tiles.


Replace Structural Components

If your current trade show display contains more duct tape and glue than it does working parts, changing these for new structural components might be the only refresh you need. Inspect your cabinets, stands, and shelves for cracks or breaks and check your paint to make sure it is not scratched or peeling. These are all easy things to swap out for new components and will go a long way in making your display stand out from the rest.


Incorporate Tech

While it is true that at one time it was only companies in the tech industry that would incorporate technology into their trade show displays, that is no longer the case. Today, trade show attendees expect tablets, touch screens, virtual reality, and other technical components they can interact and engage with when they visit a display. Including technology into your space instantly makes it more current and modern.


Call to Learn More About Our Fresh Trade Show Displays

Whether you need to change certain structural components of your display, the flooring, or any other aspect of your space, our experts can help. At ExpoMarketing, we always keep our trade show displays fresh and modern and we can advise on ways to bring yours back to life. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to learn more.

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