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Fresh Trade Show Display Ideas for Your Next Exhibit

Without a doubt, everybody wants to have the stunning and impactful tradeshow booths at the trade show, and yet, many forget that the most important thing is your product or service. Always, always, always give your product or service center stage! These simple techniques will give you some ideas of how to bring your booths to life while at the same time letting people have a clear idea of what your business is all about.


Display on Walls
Between sitting, counters, banners, and everything else that goes on in your exhibit, there might not be room to actually display your product. So why not displaying it on the walls? Grocery stores have taught us an important fact: whatever is displayed at eye level will grab our attention more. That’s why the expensive stuff is always in the middle, while the cheap and generic items are at the bottom, and the top is for items that people will go out of their way to get, such as foods that are healthy, organic, gluten free, etc.

As mentioned above, tradeshow displays utilizing wall space will save you floor space, while at the same time giving your booth a very unique look. Space at a trade show is not cheap, so figuring out the most effective use of your space  allows for multiple potential benefits.


Use Lights to Your Advantage
As you design your exhibit, make sure you plan the lighting and wiring early in the process. That way you can effectively hide cords, plugs, while ensuring that your lights will be functional and will look great.

Remember that your lights should emphasize your product, allowing it to take central stage. Different types of lights and colors can create really interesting effects while directing your visitors’ eyes to whatever you want them to focus on.

For example, you can use something like the smartphone connected LED bulbs to give your lighting a fun twist. They can be controlled from a smartphone to customize your lighting settings.


Ceiling Structures
Another way to save space is to have ceiling displays. They will not only save room, but they will make your booth look unique and visible from anywhere in the trade show.

I’m not talking about extravagant domes on top of your exhibit. In fact, these structures don’t have to be expensive at all: think of mirrors, window frames, framed signs or pictures, colorful shapes and designs, original looking lighting, oversized samples of your product, and so on.


There are hundreds of other creative and useful ways to display your product at trade shows. What are some of the exhibits that stood out for you?


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