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Graphic Gaffes to Avoid on Portable Trade Show Displays

A successful portable trade show display has many components. There is the physical exhibit, the floor plan, and in-booth operations. If you want to grab the attention of attendees and immediately convey your message to them, you cannot overlook the importance of well-designed graphics that will make an impact. The graphics on your trade show display can either draw guests in, or turn them off and leave them going to the next display. To make sure that yours does the former and not the latter, it is important to avoid the below graphic gaffes.


Misplacing Important Information

The information contained within your graphics is important, but you also must consider where that information is placed on your display. Remember that trade shows are busy places and attendees are largely going to be walking by your space. As such, information that is below knee-level will likely not be seen. Your company name and logo are the most important pieces of information, so place these at the top. Then you can add your key message or tagline, followed by the different features and benefits of your offerings.


Using the Wrong Font

You must place important information in the correct spots but if you use the wrong font, people will still not be able to read it properly. Remember that your message should be clear and easy to read from a far distance. A cursive font may be on brand for your business, but it will also make it difficult for people to understand your message. There are many great options out there for fonts, so choose wisely.


Not Understanding Formatting

Image files are typically either vector or pixel. Vector images are made up of lines, which means they can be enlarged or reduced without losing any quality. Pixel images, on the other hand, are made up of small dots and enlarging these can negatively affect the quality. This becomes a problem if you simply pull graphics off of your website and use them in your portable trade show display. Instead, give your graphic designer a vector version of your graphics to make sure the quality will be top-notch.


Failing to Proof Before Production

Everyone is guilty of failing to proof their graphics before production. This mistake can be embarrassing, but they are also very expensive. Graphics can cost tens of thousands of dollars and you do not want to pay more due to a simple oversight. Have someone outside of your marketing department, or someone other than the person who created the graphic, to proof it. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed for a proper proof.


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