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How Do Pop Up Displays Work?

Nearly everyone has heard of pop up displays, but many people are unaware of how they work. In fact, you have probably walked by a pop up display and may not have even known it. Pop up displays have long been very common at trade shows but of course, before you purchase one, you should be familiar with how they work. Below, we explain how they work piece by piece.


The Frame


All pop up displays stars with a frame, which is typically made of aluminum. The frame is accordion style and can simply be lifted up or out, essentially creating a portable wall. Some pop up display frames lock in place on their own while others have arms that lock the bars together.


The Channel Bars


Once the frame is expanded, plastic or metal struts are vertically attached to the frame, providing more stability and sturdiness to the frame. There are also places to attach the images shown on the pop up display. The channel bars, which are also called struts, can be ordered as connected multiple segments or single units. The smooth surface of the struts also work as smooth magnets, which make sure the image stays on the frame.


The Panels


A pop up display’s skin is the panel that is attached to the frame. Skins. Can either be made of fabric or graphics. Each type attaches to the frame in the same manner. Fabric panels are considered ‘graphic ready’ because they can hold graphics with hooks, meaning they are detachable. Graphic panels, also known as mural panels, can be used to create one large full-color graphic. The back of the graphic panels have magnets that allow each panel to snap easily into place. After the panels are attached, the combination of the different panels offer the look of a seamless fabric or graphic wall.


Lighting Systems


Lighting your pop up display, whether from behind or over top, is a great way to draw even more attention to it so more visitors come to your booth. All pop up displays allow for some type of lighting, but they differ slightly in how they work. Some lights can be attached to the top of the channel bars, while others have separate connectors for securing lighting. Pop up spotlights can also be moved for dramatic lighting. It is important to note that some venues have certain restrictions regarding lighting so you need to choose one that will work for what you need.


Call Us to Hear About Our Pop Up Trade Show Display Options

Pop up displays have been popular at trade shows for years, and they are not going anywhere any time soon. At ExpoMarketing Group, we have a wide variety of pop up displays that will convey your message in a meaningful and attention-grabbing way. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or connect with us online to speak to one of our representatives and to learn more about how we can create the best display for you.