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How to Choose a Printed Table Cover

When you are attending a trade show, hosting a conference, or participating in any other type of exhibition, printed table covers provide you with many different options. You can have your logo, product, or company information printed onto a table cover and display it proudly in your space. At one time, printed table covers were screen printed, meaning an image was placed onto blank fabric. Heat pressing was then introduced and that allowed for more color, but space was still limited.


Today, dye sublimation is used to print a graphic onto a table cover. With dye sublimation, the entire fabric is printed and the design is only limited to your imagination. Dye sublimation has been used for many years but now, it is much more affordable than in years past. You can also choose from many different types, which are outlined below.


Drape Style Table Covers

Drape style table covers got their name because they hang loosely over a tabletop and simply drape down to the floor. They are very similar to tablecloths used on other tables, but they are much longer since they do usually reach the floor. Drape style table covers are the least expensive type you could use, but they are also the most common.


Fitted Table Covers


Fitted table covers involve a bit more finishing on the sides. Everything is still printed all at the same time but afterwards, the fabric is cut at the sides, front and back, and the top. The fabric is then stitched back together so perfect angles are created. Once this type of display is fitted onto a table, it appears to be more rectangular and as though it was truly fitted for the tabletop.


Stretch Table Covers


Printed stretch table covers are becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to understand why. Stretch table covers are similar to drape style and fitted table covers, but they utilize a different type of fabric. The stretch fabric actually stretches in two different directions to provide a look similar to spandex. As the demand for this type of display has become much greater, and as technology has improved, stretch table covers are much more affordable than they once were.


Open and Closed Back


Another factor to consider when choosing a printed table cover is whether the back will be open or closed. If the back is closed, the fabric will go down to the floor on all sides, including the back. An open back table cover will not have fabric in the back. Open back table covers are better if you need to store products or other items in an area where they will not be in the way, or if you need to sit at the table. A closed back may be preferable if you do not have storage needs and you do not want guests to see into the back of the table.


Call to See Our Selection of Printed Table Covers

At ExpoMarketing, we are happy to offer many different types and styles of printed table cover displays that can tell your brand’s story. To learn more about them, call us now at (949) 250-3976 to see the options we have available.

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