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How to Choose a Theme for Your Trade Show Booth

When creating a booth for a trade show, it can be difficult to know how to get started. If you can devise a theme for your booth, it can help you gain ideas for a dynamic booth. Seventy-one percent of meeting planners use a theme for major conferences and events, according to Meetings and Conventions magazine. So, how do you even start thinking about the themes that would work for your booth? The four ideas below may help.


Arts and Culture

Most people have stepped into an art gallery at some point in their life. Therefore, the structure and style of these galleries are familiar to most. You can design your booth to look like an art gallery very simply. You may choose to display your products like they are works of art by hanging them under picture lights or on an exhibit wall. If you want to get a bit more complex with the art gallery theme, you can design your booth so the entire thing is a setting similar to a gallery.


Location Themes

Themes based on a location are very easy to pull together quickly. For example, if you are selling camping gear you could use a green carpet in your booth to resemble grass and then place potted trees and plants to give it a feeling of being outdoors. Your staff members in the booth could wear camouflage t-shirts and jeans to enhance the theme. You could also use a city-based theme. For example, if the trade show is in New York, you could incorporate major landmarks such as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.


Food-Based Themes

Good food is sometimes hard to come by at trade shows, so using a theme revolving around food can really make your booth stand out. For example, a few tables, chairs, umbrellas, and checkered linens can give your booth a small bistro feel. Use table tents to display information about your product and give away free samples, such as small boxes of biscotti, with your brand name printed on it.


Game Night Theme

People love games and having a game night theme can be very attractive to attendees. Even if your product or service does not involve games, this is a great idea. Have trivia or board games at your booth where visitors can compete against each other for a prize, such as a free sampling of your product. This will create buzz and interest around your booth, product, or service.


Our Trade Show Booths for Conferences Can Incorporate Any Theme

A themed trade show booth can generate a great deal of interest and bring in a lot of foot traffic. At ExpoMarketing, our trade show booths can incorporate any theme you choose and showcase it so you stand out among the crowd. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to book a consultation with one of our representatives, view our products, and to learn more about the available options.

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