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How to Create Safe Trade Show Displays

The world is slowly getting back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic and trade shows are back up and going strong. Still, safety is still at the top of mind for many, particularly when going into the large crowds present at trade shows. While you will have to think of many creative design ideas for your display, you also must take safety into consideration. Below are some ways to make sure your display is safe so everyone has a great trade show experience.


Know How to Deal with Violators


At some point, someone may try to break the rules of your booth. Other visitors likely will not feel comfortable pointing this out, as they will feel they do not have the authority to do so. Relying on staff members to act as security guards is also not recommended, as it creates bad rapport and can even place them at risk. Instead, use signage such as floor markings, wall signs, and wall speakers to inform visitors about safety guidelines.


Repetition is Necessary


You may feel as though reminding visitors of the safety rules and guidelines will insult them. After all, there are likely other signs and warnings posted around the trade show. Still, remember that by the time visitors get to your booth, they may feel drained by the other events, exhibits, and conference panel booths. Repeating the safety guidelines is not insulting to visitors but rather, helpful. They may have forgotten that an aisle was one-way only, or that you require masks in your booth, even though the CDC has allowed those regulations to expire.


Have a Simple Layout


Trade show organizers should implement wide hallways and corridors, but there are certain factors about the layout of your booth you should also consider. For example, you can create a layout that encourages visitors to move in the same direction so they are not backtracking and blocking aisles or running into each other. Product display podiums can keep visitors separate while also showcasing your brand.


Utilize Technology


Clutter is one of the worst things you could have in your trade show display. Unfortunately, this includes much of your marketing tools. Using technology instead of physical products can keep your display clean, therefore also making it safer. For example, you could use a QR code visitors can scan to be taken to your company’s brochure. Or, you could use augmented reality, which overlays sensory information onto the real world to enhance a visitor’s experience. Technology will not only keep the minimalist feel to your display, but it will also help showcase your company and brand.


Our Experts Can Create a Safe Trade Show Display for You

Safety may not be the most entertaining thing you want to think about when creating a display, but it certainly is important. At ExpoMarketing Group, our professionals have the necessary experience to create a trade show display that effectively combines creativity and safety to give visitors the best experience possible. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to obtain more information.