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How to Incorporate Social Distancing in Your Trade Show Booth

The COVID-19 pandemic may be ancient history for some people but for others, the virus is still a concern. Although mandates around the country have been dropped, some individuals still prefer to maintain social distancing and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when in crowded spaces. This includes when attending a trade show, which are very busy places. 


You need to accommodate the needs of all of your trade show booth visitors, so it is important to continue thinking about their personal safety and comfort level. Incorporating social distancing in your booth is one way to do this and below are some tips on how to do it.


Designate Entrances and Exits

Most trade show booths have multiple openings and attendees may use them to both enter and exit your exhibit. This can create traffic jams and force people to stay very close together. If you can designate certain openings as entrances and others as exits, it can create a better flow and will eliminate large crowds in any one place. It can also allow you or a staff member to monitor the entrance to make sure there are only a certain number of people in your booth at one time.


Create Space

All trade show booths should incorporate space that allows visitors to move around freely. This is even more important when trying to incorporate social distancing into your space. Some of the best ways to create space are as follows:

  • Keep a minimum of six feet between demo tables, counters, and other displays
  • Use partitions in areas that are hard to keep distance and for face-to-face meeting areas
  • Identify the number of demo stations you have and eliminate any that are unnecessary
  • Trade floor displays for wall-mounted displays, as this can free up space


Go Vertical

Having a booth with two floors is a great way to provide more social distancing while also not increasing the cost of attending a trade show. You will not increase your footprint, so you will not have to pay for additional space. You can also get twice as many people into your booth while still making everyone feel safe.


Have PPE at the Ready

Despite your best efforts, there may still be times when social distancing is not possible. Having PPE such as masks and hand sanitizer can make attendees feel comfortable visiting your booth even if they cannot stay six feet apart from others. You may not want to require attendees to use these items, but having them out so they can clearly be seen may make visitors feel safer.


Our Trade Show Booths for Conferences Can Incorporate Social Distancing Measures

At ExpoMarketing, our team of professionals understand that any trade show booth should maximize flow by incorporating the space attendees need to walk around and look at your products. Our graphics and other design elements can attract attendees and make them feel safe and want to stay once there. Contact us now at (949) 250-3976 to learn more about our trade show booth options.

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