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How to Properly Create Holes in Your Trade Show Displays

Depending on the model you choose, trade show displays can be quite the investment. After making the purchase, you rightfully want to keep it safe and protect it from becoming damaged. Why then, you may ask, would you ever want to purposefully create holes in the display? There are many reasons you may have to make a hole in your display, particularly if you are adding shelves, using TV mounts, or need holes for cables or wires. Below, we explain how to create these holes and preserve your display.


Use a Soldering Knife

Using scissors to create holes in your trade show displays is a mistake. Instead, purchase a soldering iron from Amazon or another retailer. They are relatively inexpensive and will work on fabric graphics much better. Soldering knives become very hot, so they will melt the fabric graphics rather than cut them. Additionally, a soldering knife will seal the fabric and prevent it from streaking. Scissors can fray the fabric and leave it vulnerable to further wear and tear in the future.


Set Up Your Display

It is very difficult to get accurate cuts when your trade show display is just laying on the floor. If you can set up your display, whether while you are at work or on a trade show floor, the fabric will become taut and you will make much more accurate cuts. Additionally, you will also be able to see exactly where the hole will be and how it will work with the rest of the display. This can all be very difficult to gauge if you do not first fully set up the display.


Mark the Cuts

You need to mark your cuts so that when it comes time to actually make them, you can do so precisely. Before marking your cuts, measure twice because you can only cut once and you need to make sure they are accurate. Using a marker that does not smear will ensure the marked cuts do not affect any other part of the graphic. Even better, you can use painter’s tape to mark the cuts. Once the cuts have been made, simply remove the tape and it will not leave any residue.


Make the Cuts

After you have marked your cuts, you can then make them. Wait for your soldering iron to become hot, which can take many minutes. Do not touch anything with it or drop it on the floor, particularly on carpeted areas. When the soldering knife is hot, place the tip onto the fabric and start at the top, working your way down. Then you can just add the mounts or other hardware inside of the holes.


We Can Help with Your Trade Show Displays

Whether you need a new trade show display, or just need advice on your existing setup, our experts at ExpoMarketing are here to help. We can answer all of your questions and provide you with any hardware or graphics you may need. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to learn more.

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