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How to Use Virtual Reality Effectively in Your Trade Show Booth

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more popular today, but it is still a form of technology that is often overlooked. Including virtual reality into your trade show booth can make you stand out from the crowd, but only if you know how to use it to your advantage. To learn more about how to use VR effectively in your booth, and to get inspiration for what to do with it, read more below.

What is Immersive Technology?

Virtual reality is a type of immersive technology, but there are others, as well and they may all work in your book. The most common types of immersive technology are as follows:

  • 360 degree video: The most basic type of immersive technology is 360 degree video. Also known as surround video, this type of video allows a person to record footage in all directions. You can take a video on your camera and then upload it to a site such as YouTube. 
  • Virtual reality: Virtual reality creates a new reality in 3D that users can actually move around in. Users wear a headset that blocks out reality and creates an entirely new one.
  • Augmented reality: Augmented reality does not create a new world but instead, adds virtual elements to reality. One of the simplest examples of augmented reality are the Instagram filters you can lay over a person’s image.


How to Incorporate VR Into Your Trade Show Booth

You may know that using VR in your trade show booth is an effective way to draw in the crowds, but how do you get started? Some ways to use it include:

  • Introduce a new brand or product to the market, allowing users to virtually use it and check out all of its features.
  • Tell the story of your brand, how your company got started, the unique manufacturing process you use, or offer a tour of the factory you use.
  • Provide a demonstration of your product.
  • Show the common pain points your customers experience and how your product helps them.


Regardless of what you choose to show in virtual reality, there are some tips you should remember when using it in your trade show booth. The first is that virtual reality is only the medium and not the message. If you have a flashy VR experience but it does not have any substance, it will not have the impact you were hoping for.

Additionally, VR can cause people to experience motion sickness or nausea. This is more likely to happen if it is a person’s first VR experience, or if they use it for an extended period of time. For this reason, it is important to keep the VR experience short and simple. This will also allow you to get your message across without losing the user’s interest.


Our Trade Show Booths Support VR

Virtual reality technology is still fairly new, so it will create the buzz around your trade show booth you were hoping for. At ExpoMarketing, our trade show booths support VR as well as other elements that will make your booth stand out from the rest and draw in huge crowds. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to get more information.

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