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Incorporating Dynamic Videos Into Your Trade Show Displays

There are many tools you can use within your trade show displays but one that continues to stand out as one of the most effective is video. Videos can draw people into your display and create excitement about your product or service. Afterward, you can continue to use video to promote your business on YouTube and other video services. One simple video can bring a huge return on your investment.


What Can a Good Video Do for Your Trade Show Display?


There are many benefits that come with incorporating video into your trade show display. These include:

  • Turn the story of your company into a narrative that sparks interest in visitors.
  • Showcase innovative techniques used in production or new ideas for your company.
  • Utilize infographics and charge to add quick content.
  • Catch the eye of those walking by so they want to learn more about your company.

While using video will make your trade show display more interesting, there are still definitely guidelines to follow when using them so you can make the most of it.


How to Produce the Best Videos for Your Trade Show Display


You may be tempted to repurpose the corporate promotional videos you have already created at a trade show. To be the most effective, the videos you use at trade shows should be tailored just for that show while also providing overall information about your company for future promotions. The best guidelines to follow when creating videos for trade shows are as follows:

  • Keep them under five minutes: Trade show videos are vastly different from those used in boardrooms. There is often standing room only and visitors want to get to other booths and displays. For this reason, you should keep any video under five minutes.
  • Use imagery: Studies have shown that people respond more to images than they do text. Use plenty of imagery in your video and keep it fast-paced by making sure the video does not go more than a few seconds between cuts.
  • Stay away from narration: If you use a narrator in your video, the chances are that visitors will not be able to hear it over the din of nearby displays and the crowds. If you need to narrate, use text overlays instead which can be read rather than heard.
  • Remain upbeat: Regardless of the subject matter, try to keep a positive spin on it. Negative messages will turn visitors off so keep your videos energetic, light, and optimistic.
  • Back it up with data: You do not want to overload your video with charts and statistics. Still, a well-placed citation or animated infographic can support the message of your video with real-world data, which will make visitors more prone to trust it.

You Can Incorporate Video Into Our Custom Trade Show Displays

At ExpoMarkerting Group, our professionals can create a custom trade show display that incorporates the technology you need to get your brand’s message across to the masses. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to schedule a meeting and to learn more about the custom display we can create for you.

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