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Making the Most of Limited Space at a Trade Show

Regardless of how big or small your custom trade show display, space is always limited at these events. You want to show off as many products and services as possible, but you may not have all the space you want that will enable you to do it. If your trade show display looks cluttered, it will turn visitors off and make them go to other booths and displays. On the other hand, if you can keep your display accessible, airy, and light, it is going to invite visitors in. So, how can you do this when space is at a premium? Follow the tips below.


Incorporate a Theme


A theme will tie your entire display together. It will reduce the need to continue repeating your message and will create an immediate connection with your display. By limiting repetition, it frees up creative space so you can present even more information. The most effective themes, of course, tie directly back to your company. Maybe you are moving towards cleaner production methods, or perhaps your company’s philosophy has shifted. You can even simply use a theme that is consistent across all of your products.


When creating a trade show theme, reflect it in the color design you use, which can create a link between all aspects of your display. A good theme will make your display seem complete and whole while also making the most of the space you have available.


Utilize Virtual Space


Advances in technology today have made it possible for trade show visitors to download material or bookmark it for future use. Place an entire library on a few iPads throughout your display, and allow visitors to email the information to themselves. If your budget allows it, you can also create a mobile app that promotes your company and product. You can give the app away for free or at a discounted price to visitors, giving them an exclusive before it even appears in the App Store.


Go Three-Dimensional


You can do a lot more with your trade show display than just laying out podiums and tables. Adding more elements that drop down from the ceiling or move up walls is very effective. Not only does this free up floor space that is quite limited, but these visuals can also be seen from far away. Using these elements can add to the cost of your display, but they can also greatly increase the effectiveness of the overall display. Anything that moves display elements out of the way where visitors will walk will create a dynamic display while making the most out of limited space.


Our Custom Trade Show Displays Can Make the Most of Your Space

At ExpoMarketing Group, our professionals can create a custom trade show display that will free up space for the products and services you are trying to showcase at the event. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to schedule a meeting and to learn more about the types of displays we can create for you.

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