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The Best Event Marketing Mobile Apps in 2015

The development of intuitive, practical business applications for smartphones is on the rise. One of the most widespread uses of handheld business management is in event marketing and planning.

More and more event managers are turning to app development to consolidate information for large conferences, expos and other events, reaching wider audiences and saving trees in the process. With dozens of these event apps on the market, though, finding the right program for your needs can be overwhelming.

Worry no more! Check out these top reliable smartphone apps for organizing and executing a well-planned business event:

Most common event marketing app features:

  • >> Event schedule
  • >> About section
  • >> Maps
  • >> Exhibitors display
  • >> Speakers display
  • >> Sponsors display
  • >> News
  • >> Web view
  • >> Social media integration







Apple App Store: 5.0 (1 review)

Google Play Store: 4.2 (26 reviews)


  • Social media emphasis – integration with major social media platforms for attendees to network with ease
  • 10-day build time (build in less than 1 day, submit for approval, publish in app stores within 7-9 days)
  • Single dashboard – review social media within the event on one wall






Apple App Store: 4.5 (45 reviews)

Google Play Store: 4.1 (325 reviews)


  • Event planning – prime focus on the ease of development and organization from planner’s perspective
  • Ability to organize ticketing, attendee check-in, presentation/keynote speaker scheduling, and overall schematics of attendance
  • In-app sponsorship options allow event sponsors to advertise with personalized touches – not always necessarily “annoying pop-up banners”

crowd-compassCROWD COMPASS





Apple App Store: 4.5 (7 reviews)

Google Play Store: 3.2 (37 reviews)


  • Attendee personalization – create custom-made schedules and lists to outline the most important presentations and sessions within the event on an individual attendee basis
  • Interactive features, such as floor maps, enhance attendee’s experience and overall organization
  • Event beacons – Crowd Compass events offer “beacons”, or transmitters, to be placed within exhibits and show spaces where passing attendees will receive notifications and content relevant to that location within the event.






Apple App Store: 4.0 (311 reviews)

Google Play Store: 4.1 (2221 reviews)


  • Ease of use for both developer and attendee (downloader)
  • Features strong attendee networking platforms with LinkedIn and Twitter integration
  • “Real-time” updates keep unexpected schedule changes easily accessible to all attendees
  • Organization – Large overall focus on the organizational aspects of the event

Each of these apps offers similar features with greater emphasis and strengths in different areas. Identify the planner’s pain points and areas of desired strength to decide the perfect fit for your upcoming event.