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Seating For Your Tradeshow Booth

Once you have a display booth that is designed to your liking and is an eye-catching representation of your brand, you may realize you haven’t put much thought into seating. In terms of seating at your booth you should think about yourself and the team you will have there, but also the type of audience you want to attract and how long you want them to linger at your display. 

Types of Seating

Chairs: If you want visitors to your trade show booth to be able to sit down and have a conversation with your staff, chairs are a good option. They can be comfortable and inviting, and they allow visitors to relax and stay for a longer period of time.

Stools: If you have limited space in your trade show booth, stools can be a great option. They take up less room than chairs, and they can be used for shorter conversations or for visitors who just need a place to rest for a few minutes.

Couches or Lounge Chairs: If you want to create a more relaxed, informal atmosphere in your trade show booth, couches or lounge chairs can be a good option. They can be comfortable and inviting, and they encourage visitors to stay and chat for a longer period of time.

Standing Tables: If you want to encourage visitors to stand and interact with your staff, standing tables can be a good option. They allow for more mobility and encourage visitors to move around your booth and engage with different parts of your display.

Seating For the Team

Many businesses who frequently attend trade shows recommend not having dedicated seating for team members and staff because it could encourage laziness or make them seem less motivated or approachable. However, trade shows are usually an all-day commitment, and it can be difficult and exhausting to stand for the entire time. Having seating as part of your booth but asking staff not to sit unless they are visiting with a partner or customer could be a good route to go depending on your personal circumstances. 

Seating For Customers

Chances are high that the ultimate goal of your trade show experience is to secure a larger clientele, generate leads, and increase brand awareness. Time is your friend when it comes to those things. Depending on how you choose to capture leads that day, you may need a place for people to sit and fill out a form on a tablet or otherwise. There are many amazing vendors at a trade show that can steal the attention of your audience. Having a unique custom trade show display is a huge help in drawing people in, but having seating is what will encourage them to stay. The lack of an intentional place to linger and mingle could lead to people prematurely leaving your booth. 

Seating Arrangements

Once you have decided on the type of seating you want to use, you will need to decide the best way to arrange it in your space. It would not be a bad idea to consult a professional designer for something like this either. Making your booth inviting can really have a big impact on how many people come to your booth and for how long. The seating arrangement should be inviting, easy to access, not overcrowded, and not blocking any traffic or other important areas. Adding seating into a 3D rendering of your booth design is a good way to make sure that the seating you want can be well incorporated into your layout. 

Ultimate Tips for Seating

  • Provide a way for people to linger longer
  • Choose the right type of seating for your audience
  • Discourage staff from sitting unless interacting with customers
  • Plan seating arrangements with your booth design
  • Make the seating easily accessible


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