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Should You Choose Fabric or Graphic Murals for Your Pop Up Display?

One of the biggest benefits of pop up displays is that they come in many different options. One of these options is that you can choose a graphic mural or fabric panels. Both have their benefits, but they still work slightly differently. If you are trying to decide between fabric or graphic murals for your pop up display, below are some things you should know.


Graphic Murals for Pop Up Trade Show Displays


Graphic murals will provide you with a full color design on your pop up display. These large displays are attention grabbing and will pique the interest of attendees at the trade show. Graphic mural panels offer a seamless and uncluttered look and they can display one, two, or more big ideas more effectively. Imagine a large picture that displays your message, along with your tag line, logo, or other elements that identify and showcase your company. With the right image, you can even convert just one single idea into an attention-grabbing display.


Graphic murals are very easy to attach to pop up displays and they often come with a case for shipping. Simply roll up the mural, preferably with the image facing out, which can prevent it from becoming damaged. Graphic materials are generally printed on opaque material and are then laminated to protect the image and to reduce glare. A graphic podium wrap combined with a pop up display can make an even bigger impact.


Fabric Pop Up Displays


One of the biggest benefits of pop up displays is that they are very flexible. The graphics you use on your fabric pop up display are often detachable and can loop or hook onto the display. For business owners who attend many different trade shows or give many presentations, fabric pop up displays are sometimes a better option than graphic murals. 


Fabric panels can be easily attached to the pop up frame and like graphic murals, rolled up when it is time to ship and transport them. There is a huge variety of colors to choose from, and you can also mix and match when it is time for a different look. You can also use back panels in your pop up display, which will provide you with even more room to display your message.


Fabric panels have two distinct advantages over graphic murals. They are generally more affordable, so you can keep your costs down. You can also use ‘emergency graphics’ if your originals become damaged during shipping. This is not an option you have when using graphic murals.


Call to Learn About Your Pop Up Display Options

When you choose to use a pop up display, you have many options. At ExpoMarketing Group, we can advise on what they are and help you choose the one that is right for your company, and your trade show booth. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or reach out to us online to get started on creating the display that is right for you.

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