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Technology Tips for Your Trade Show Display

The pandemic shuttered hotels and conference rooms throughout the entire country. Business owners suddenly had to find new ways to market their products to customers and that meant relying on technology more than ever before. It was not only businesses that started to utilize technology more, either. Customers did as well. Even though in-person events such as trade shows are back, customers are looking for technology in trade show displays more and more. To create a display customers will respond to, follow the top technology tips below.


Why is Technology So Important in a Trade Show Display?

Studies have shown that the attention spans in humans is shrinking. Within the past 15 years, our attention spans have been reduced to just eight seconds. This means you have a very short period of time to grab the attention of trade show visitors. To do this you must combine engagement, interactivity, and learning into your trade show space.


Consumers also have greater expectations today regarding access to information, the use of technology, and speed. Incorporating only brochures, simple graphics, and company representatives is no longer enough to interest trade show attendees. Today, buyers are not interested in being pitched by salespeople and they are regularly looking for automated, remote, and other digital options. One study shows that by the year 2025, 80 percent of B2B sales will occur in digital spaces.


How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Trade Show Display

Adding technology into your trade show display is easier than you may think. Some of the best ways to do it include:

  • Interactive touch panels: Interactive touch displays are becoming increasingly popular and customers become highly engaged with them. These displays allow customers to become more familiar with the products being showcased and ask any questions they may have.
  • Educational activities and games: Activities and games can entertain customers, improve their education regarding the products, and share rewards. You can use LED screens and build an immersive environment in which people can actually ‘step into’ your products and interact with it. This can highly influence buying decisions and encourage retention.
  • LED floors and walls: LED displays do not have to be limited to just counter spaces and other elements within a space. LED floors and walls allow customers to learn more about your products and interact more closely with them. Incorporating LED into your floors and walls will also make your space stand out from the other booths and displays, attracting more people to your exhibit.

Our Custom Trade Show Displays Can Incorporate Technology

Whether customers are trying to connect with you or they want to learn more about your products, they want to be able to use technology to do it. Our trade show displays at ExpoMarketing can incorporate technology into your space so your display will stand out in the crowd and get more people to your space. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to connect with us and to learn more about how we can help.

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