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The Best Trade Show Booths for Standing Out on the Show Floor

A company decides to exhibit at a trade show in their industry in hopes of making gains. In fact, it can be assumed that most companies dedicate themselves to a couple days of exhibiting their trade show booths for the purpose of yielding profits. Exhibiting serves as an excellent resource for increasing leads, clientele, your business’s name and branding, and, in turn, sales. The unfortunate truth, though, is that some companies do not have the means to turn this expensive endeavor into a profit. Displaying your name is not a game of luck; rather, it is survival of the fittest. Being an exhibitor means making a presence – those who are presented impressively outrun those who are unmemorable. Don’t be the company who gets lost in the dust of those speeding ahead – follow these tips for having the best trade show booths and standing out on the show room floor.



  1. Register as early as possible. Why? Because, the early bird catches the worm! Those who register early have the freedom of choice. They aren’t stuck with whatever is left (typically, the
    small, unwanted spaces), but instead, can choose a centrally located, easily accessible booth space.
  2. Design for the customer. As important as it is to represent the company and its message, it is equally as important to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for the visitors. Large amounts of text, overwhelming designs, and/or unwelcoming structural features tend to ward off those customers you desire.
  3. Design for the company. While keeping the customer in mind, create an exhibit design that is true to your business. Keep your message concise, yet easily comprehensible, and allow your booth to shine…literally. Taking advantage of lighting techniques and hanging signs is a great way to naturally attract visitors, without intimidating or overwhelming.


  1. Choose the most qualified to represent the company. When attending a trade show, it is imperative to send the best employees to epitomize your company’s message. Choose the employees who are enthusiastic, passionate about the company, and knowledgeable. Remember, the show floor is already overwhelming for many, as crowds of people and other businesses gather into a
    limited space. Having a clean, welcoming, and unintimidating exhibit and team is not only refreshing, but necessary for attracting potential leads.
  2. Provide resources. Having competent employees with answers to questions regarding both the company and the industry is ideal, but you can take it one step further with customer resources. Supplying informational literature, free samples, or promotional items not only shows the visitors your interest in them, but gives them a way to remember your company even after the show is finished.


  1. Follow-up with leads. One mistake that is consistent with sub-par exhibitors is lack of post-show involvement. Many companies fail to recognize the way this transforms their trade show presence for the better. The simple fact is, people are social by nature. If quality service and additional resources are given to visitors even after the show has finished, your company’s rapport is built and is translated into future trade shows. People remember the positive (and negative) impressions they feel, and that will either help or hinder your company. Keep it positive, friendly, and resourceful – the leads will turn into clients, and the clients will refer more leads.


Just because companies decide to present their trade show displays and exhibits does not mean they automatically slam-dunk loads of new business. Standing out is essential, and with the correct techniques, the transition from “zero” to “hero” on the show room floor will become second nature.

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