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The Different Types of Pop Up Displays

There are many reasons pop up displays are one of the most popular types of displays at trade shows. They are easy to use, assemble, dismantle, affordable, and they offer a large surface area in any trade show booth. Typically, pop up displays are eight feet high and have a width ranging from eight to ten feet. This will create an attractive back wall for your booth or exhibition space. When choosing the pop up display that is right for you, there are many options available. Below is an outline of the different types so you can choose the one that is right for you.


Traditional Pop Up Displays


Traditional pop up displays consist of a frame that is similar to an accordion in structure. When removed from its shipping case, it expands and locks so its position is stable. Bars are often attached to the frame and they are equipped with magnetic strips. Sometimes, the bars have hook and loop fabric panels that also have edges lined with magnetic stripping. Graphic fabric panels are generally sturdier than vinyl and less likely to wrinkle or crease over time.


Backlit Fabric Pop Up Trade Show Displays


Backlit fabric pop up panels are especially useful for people who attend multiple trade shows. Printed graphics can be used with the same hook and loop backing. The fabric panels can be taken out and replaced with different graphics, which is what makes them ideal for people who want to use them often, particularly if they want to change the images on a regular basis.


Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays


A tension fabric pop up display utilizes the same accordion-style aluminum frame but instead of using graphic panels, one piece of fabric is seamlessly fitted over the bars. This allows you to display one large image in a seamless manner. You also do not need to worry about linking multiple graphic panels up together. In place of magnetic backing, a large fabric panel will hook and loop onto the frame and the fabric folds up nicely and is stored within the case used for shipping.


Pop Up Display Accessories


In addition to the different types of pop up displays, there is also a wide range of accessories you can use in your display. Lights can be easily clamped to the frame to illuminate your display, which can showcase your product or company even further. Instead of the typical opaque panels, you can also choose backlit bubble graphic panels. Devices such as tablets and small monitors can also be mounted on pop up displays to provide visitors with an experience that is interactive.


Call to Learn More About Our Pop Up Displays

When choosing a pop up display, there are many options available. At ExpoMarketing Group, our professionals can advise on the different types of pop up displays we have available, and help you choose one that is right for your company, and your message. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or connect with us online to learn more.

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