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The Most Popular Portable Trade Show Displays for Farmers Market Vendors

Whether you make prepared food, grow fresh vegetables, or make your own jewelry, a farmer’s market is a great place for small businesses to showcase their products. Farmer’s markets are great places to connect with your community, regardless of the product you are trying to sell or promote. 


Like other types of exhibitions, though, you need a display that will stand out from the crowd. The display needs to be portable, get your message across, and be easy to assemble and dismantle. Below we examine some of the most popular portable trade show displays for farmer’s market vendors.


Canopy Tents

Anyone who has visited a farmer’s market is familiar with the rows and rows of canopy tents that adorn the aisles. These tents bring many benefits, including shelter from the wind, sun, and rain. However, do not settle for a solid colored tent. Instead, use them as promotional material by including your logo and other branding that will boost business.


Printed Side and Back Walls

Whether you are using a canopy tent or not, you can also use portable side and back walls. These can stretch across an aluminum frame and will give your space some dimension and structure. If you do use them along with a canopy tent, these portable walls can attach securely to the frame. Of course, you should also include branding on these walls by using graphics that tell visitors more about your product and your business.


Branded Table Covers

You will need tables or counters in your farmer’s market booth to display your products. Instead of using just a boring foldable table, incorporate a printed table cover over yours to showcase your brand further. Printed table covers can stretch tight across a table, be fitted to a certain table, or simply drape. Whichever one you choose, you can ensure it will boost your brand.


Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are portable displays that are eye-catching and will draw interest. You can use a banner ad to showcase your entire company, to promote a new product, or even to make an exciting announcement. Retractable banner stands are also some of the most affordable types of displays. They are very easy to assemble and dismantle, as they roll right out of the stand at the bottom. This feature also makes them very easy to transport and ensures they will not become damaged along the way.


Customized Flag Banners

You have likely seen a customized flag banner at supermarkets, trade shows, and other exhibitions. A customized flag banner can showcase your logo, product, or provide general information about your business. Flag banners are also tall signage, which can make it easy to see them from afar. They will also stand up to inclement weather, so you can be sure that you will have yours for years to come.


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