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The Top 7 Apps for Trade Shows

Trade show exhibitions are important for many reasons such as introducing a new product or service to prospective buyers, growing your brand awareness, gathering marketing and sales leads, and strengthening relationships with your existing customers. The following trade show apps make it easier for exhibitors to capture leads, follow up with prospects, run giveaway contests in your trade show booth, and more.


Top 7 Trade Show Apps


This handy app allows exhibitors to create custom surveys to quickly capture attendee ideas and opinions while they’re at your booth. Unlike many apps, it works without an Internet connection, making it ideal for large convention centers with gaps in their Wi-Fi coverage. QuickTapSurvey also offers an automated email feature to nurture leads after completion of the survey. Get started with a free trial period or sign up for a plan starting at just $19 per month.


A lead-capture solution designed for trade shows and conferences, this app can capture and qualify leads, electronically distribute collateral, and accelerate leads through the sales pipeline while offering real-time data measurement. Leadature can be used on PCs, tablets, and smartphones – with or without an Internet connection – and works with all badge types as long as the data is not encrypted. Contact them to get a free demo of their software.

Pixe Snap

This app makes it easy for exhibitors to incorporate a photo station into their exhibit. Photos can be taken by others or as selfies, and easily shared on social media. Pixe Snap works with the latest versions of iOS and Android, and can brand each photo with your logo, event name and dates, hashtags, or other marketing messages. It also allows attendees to add text to their images before posting them on social media. Request a demo to get started today!

CDS Xpress Connect

Follow-up is often the key to success with tradeshow exhibits. CDS Xpress Connect lets you scan or type badge IDs to capture lead details and have prospects answer preliminary qualifier questions. You can also use the app to rate your leads, schedule appointments, forward leads to coworkers, and send follow-up emails to prospects and customers. Visit the app store to download this app for free.


Gathering business cards at exhibitions is critical for generating leads. For just $0.99, CamCard makes it easy to organize and store them by allowing you to take pictures of business cards and save the images to your smart phone. The app also enables you to edit the data and add custom fields and reference notes to capture all the information you need.


Giveaways are a great way to generate fun and interest at your trade show booth. iPrizeWheel eliminates the need for bulky spinning wheels or other equipment by running contests on your laptop or tablet. Ideal for small booths with limited space, the app offers realistic sound effects and spinning motion, and easily hooks up to a monitor or large screen to attract attention from a distance.Download this app at the Apple App store for $9.99.

ShowGo Mobile

Getting everyone to the exhibit on time is one of the most important jobs of the exhibit manager. ShowGo Mobile provides a convenient database to organize schedules, hotel arrangements, inventory, staffing, and more all in one central location hosted on a cloud server. The data is easily transmitted to staff using iOS and Android mobile devices, and can update the entire team on flight cancellations and other travel changes without the need for phone calls. For more information, including pricing or to request an online demo of ShowGo visit

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