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Three Metrics to Track for Trade Show Booth Success

Creating a trade show booth for conferences is an investment and so, you want to make sure yours is successful. Determining whether or not your trade show booth is a success is difficult, if not impossible, if you do not know what metrics to track. Below are three metrics you can track to see which elements of your booth are working well and which ones need improvement.


Identify Goals for Qualified Leads

You will meet a lot of new people at a trade show. Some of these are simply contacts, some are leads, and others are qualified leads. The category that should be of most interest to you are the qualified leads. These are people or organizations that you or your team has vetted. They have buying power and are ready to make a purchase.

Before attending a trade show, determine what constitutes a qualified lead and how many you would like to obtain.  For example, you may ask people who visit your trade show booth to leave their email address. If they are interested in your product, they likely will. You can use these qualified leads in an email marketing campaign in the future. Calculating the number of qualified leads you met at the trade show and comparing that with your goals can help determine if your booth was successful.


Booth Visits

Calculating how many people visited your booth is an important metric, but it is one that must complement other tracking measures. Determining how many people visited your booth can be as simple as using a manual click counter. Not all visitors will become customers or qualified leads, though. After the show, compare the number of booth visits with the number of qualified leads or new customers. If you get a lot of foot traffic but not a lot of leads or clients, you may not be targeting the right audience.


Cost Savings

Not all trade show metrics involve the profit you made at the actual event, or the qualified leads that may purchase in the future. Trade show booths are an investment, but they can also reduce costs in other areas. 

For example, if you gain qualified leads at a trade show, it may save you time and money on making cold calls or purchasing customer lists. You may also not have to travel to sales meetings, or you may recruit new staff or find new suppliers at the trade show. All of these factors contribute to your trade show’s success and are important metrics to track.


Our Trade Show Booths are Built for Success

Having a trade show booth is a great way to boost brand awareness, meet potential new customers, and network with others in your industry. You can only reap these benefits, though, if your booth is successful. At ExpoMarketing, we design trade show booths that attract the crowds so you can make the most of any show you attend. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to view our portfolio and to learn more.