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Tips for Using a Portable Trade Show Display to Show Off Your Product

There are many ways to display your product effectively at trade shows. If you add certain elements, such as banner stands, tension fabric displays, and other accessories, you can show off your product in the best way possible. However, it is also important that you do not load the display with too many elements, as this can result in a cluttered display that looks messy and overcrowded. If you think your trade show display could use some help, below are some tips that will help you best display your product.


Use a Portable Display to Boost Brand Awareness

Your main goal may be to display your product to attendees at the trade show, you can also use a portable display to boost brand awareness. Portable displays can incorporate product information, branded graphics, and other content to boost brand awareness. Branded countertops, branded carpeting, and custom-printed banner and tension fabric displays are just a few display options that are available to you.


Light Up Your Best Products

You may have one or two products that you really want to showcase to trade show attendees, or that you feel are a great representation of your brand. Display elements such as lighting can highlight these products, which is particularly helpful if the products are also valuable. For example, placing your product in a locked display case with an eye-catching light above it can really make the product stand out. Or, you may choose to use a portable light box or backlit display to display smaller products, which will draw attention and help attendees see the product more clearly.


Keep Portable Displays in Proportion with Products

It is important to take size into account when creating a portable product display. Large products typically look best when they are arranged on their own, or as part of a small group of products. If a product is large enough to stay on the floor, a portable graphic or kiosk can provide more information about it. If you have many smaller products you want to display, arranging them in clusters can help show the variety of them. Using wall mounts is also a great way to showcase smaller products.


Promote Your Trade Show Demo in Other Spaces

There is no guarantee that trade show attendees will stop by your space to see your demo. However, you can help yourself by promoting a demonstration of your product in other spaces before the trade show. Use Facebook or Instagram to show teaser clips of the demo and to let people know when you will provide a full demonstration at the trade show. You may be surprised at how many people show up at your display.


Our Portable Trade Show Displays Can Showcase Your Product

When you need the right portable trade show display that will really highlight your product, our team of experts at ExpoMarketing have many options that will help you do it. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to learn more.

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