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Top Tips when Attending a Makeup Trade Show

Attending a makeup trade show holds many benefits for your business. You will learn about new concepts, advanced technologies, and avant-garde therapies. Of course, if you have a booth or a display space at the trade show, you can also generate leads and drum up new business. Simply attending a trade show is not enough to do this, though. You must have the right display, know how to reach attendees, and how to get your message across to them. Below are some of the top tips to follow to ensure trade show success.


Think About Furniture, and Budget for It


Anyone attending a trade show of any kind must first create a budget. Think about not only your booth, and what you will need to create a customized space that draws in the crowd, but also what furniture you will need in your display. The furniture you use is particularly important when creating a display for a makeup trade show. You may want to offer makeovers, or even full treatments within your space. This means the furniture you need can range from a simple counter with some mirrors and stools, or a full-size reclining spa chair that could cost thousands of dollars.


Get Your Therapists or Stylists Involved


You may have many therapists or stylists that work in your business. You should involve them in the trade show process, particularly if there are services you leave to other professionals. For example, you may own a spa that offers a full range of services but you are not a masseuse yourself. If you are planning on promoting your massage service as well at the trade show, get the therapist involved. They may offer practical and useful advice on what to include in your display. Or, bring them along so they can better answer the questions of the attendees.


Get Other Vendors Involved


You attend a trade show as a vendor to reach out to the public and hopefully generate new business. However, it can also be really fun and helpful to your business if you get other vendors involved. You may not want to go directly to your fiercest competitor, but working with other vendors can make you stand out and give you a presence at several locations. For example, if you sell beauty products and the vendor beside you offers sugaring services, you can give them a makeover. When people go to their booth, they may then end up talking about you, too!


Have the Right Trade Show Display

It is important to use forward-thinking and to learn how to get people involved in your space before you attend any trade show. However, it all starts with the right display. At ExpoMarketing, our team of experts can prepare a trade show display for you that is fully customized, professional, and that will stand out from the others. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to view our portfolio and to learn more about the terrific space we can create for you.