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5 Must-Haves In Your Custom Exhibit Build RFP

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Does your exhibit seem outdated? Is your company merging with another company or seeking to rebrand? Or maybe you’ve been renting and are now ready to build. After you devise a budget and a shortlist of exhibit companies, here are five major aspects to include in an RFP:

Explicit Information About Company and Clients

The more concrete and specific the detail about your company, goals for the exhibit at trade shows, and your clients, the better. Include:

  • Company background, goals, product information, and market position.
  • Advertising campaigns, marketing objectives, sales literature, and website.
  • Logo, fonts, colors and other design information.
  • Client profile including demographics.

Exhibit Program and Trade Shows

You will need to evaluate the proposals not only for how well they explain your corporate program but also for how well they will work logistically and strategically for you during your trade show schedule. So include your objectives for how your booth will:

  • Help sales.
  • Show your product.
  • Communicate to the public.
  • Aid in distribution objectives.

Design Requirements

A key component of your RFP is a detailed description of what you want the exhibit to feature. Include:

  • What you liked or disliked about your past exhibits, including anything you might want to keep or refurbish for the new build.
  • Corporate design mandates which envelop the visitor in the company culture, like angular forms to represent stability or curves that show friendliness.
  • The color palette that brands your company.
  • Company logos, slogans, or specific branding that needs to be featured.
  • Whether you need a projection screen to allow for changing your exhibit graphics, product line or themes.
  • Length, width, and height you want the exhibit to be.

Don’t forget to explain how your exhibit may need to change for certain venues or different kinds of target audiences. Do you need a flexible or changing exhibit? Detail what you need.

Build Requirements at Your Trade Shows

Be sure to include information about the trade shows you frequent. Do you want a single or two story booth? You also need to include set-up, take-down, storage, and transportation requirements, including:

  • Is your exhibit going to be stored in a climate-controlled warehouse or do the fabrics need to be resistant to heat and humidity?
  • What size does the exhibit need to fold down to for transportation?
  • How many people will be putting up and taking the exhibit down?

Budget and Timeline

Don’t leave the designers guessing. If you want a design that you can afford, include in an RFP your budget range and timeline. Be sure you ask for:

  • Specific line-item costs.
  • Any extra charges for rush orders, turnkey services, or credit card payments.
  • Availability of volume or long term discounts.

Are Detailed RFPs Worth the Time?

Ultimately, yes. Including these five considerations will allow vendors to provide competing bids you can evaluate competitively. Better yet, by carefully researching and providing all of this information, you will get an exhibit for trade shows that presents your company exactly as you intend.


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