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Best Trade Show Display Ideas

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to engage and connect with your target market, generate sales, and boost exposure. With increased completion levels in all business sectors, it is essential to ensure that you display your product in the best possible light. The most significant goal when attending a trade show as a representative of your business is to reach potential new customers and clients. We have gathered the best trade show display ideas to help you stand out from your competitors.

Booth design

Embracing sustainability is one of the best portable trade show displays. While it is essential to ensure that your space is original and eye-catching, it should be tailored to mirror your branding and company. Sustainability is a novel concept that is seeping into trade shows. Many people in society want to associate with environmentally friendly companies. As such, you should consider building your trade show booth using corrugated cardboard. Embrace sustainability and concept, and you will win many new clients. Let ExpoMarketing design your trade show booth that will embrace the concept of sustainability for you.

Promotional gifts

Do you want to attract new potential clients? Remember that everyone loves freebies. It would be best if you were innovative in what you are planning to give away. For example, if the trade show is in summer and it is hot, consider giving out a free reusable water bottle. Many who will come for the free water will look at your products. Similarly, you should consider giving out something that relates to your company and makes a statement. For example, you can give away snacks or candy with your logo, phone wallets with your logo or customized tote bags.  If you entrust ExpoMarketing, we will analyze the trade show and come up with the best promotional gift that will guarantee new potential clients.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In this contemporary world, everyone is fascinated with new technology. Embracing new technology in trade shows is an effective way to attract new potential clients. Augmented and Virtual Reality are particularly popular today. AR and VR are one of the Best trade show display ideas that will provide you with a cutting edge if you wish to impact a trade show event. Exhibitors compete from the attention of the thousands of attendees: AR and VR will give you the attention you need. Let ExpoMarketing help you incorporate your AR and VR on your trade show program.

Marketing stunt

Marketing stunts include employing tactics where you can share humorous content to create buzz and attract people to your booth. An entertaining and relevant marketing stunt will keep your potential clients interested. Besides, everyone remembers good humor. However, it would help if you were careful because what you consider humorous might be offensive to others. If you contact ExpoMarketing, this will not be a problem; we will help you come up with the best marketing stunt that will attract potential clients.

Photo walls

Photo walls are also one of the best trade show display ideas. Everyone loves taking pictures to remember the good times and perhaps post them on social media. As such, you should consider creating an eye-catching photo wall for the attendees to take pictures. This will make them willing to chat with your team members while they are at the photo walls.

At ExpoMarketing, we have a creative and innovative team that will help you come up with the best idea for photo walls.



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