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Best Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are an excellent marketing strategy for any business enterprise to attract new potential clients, build relationships, and improve sales. Statistics indicate that in 2016 alone, the tradeshows revenue in America was close to an estimated $12.81billion and that the figure is projected to increase with about 30% percent of companies planning to increase the budget allocated to trade shows. However, there is a catch. There is too much competition where every company is trying to outshine others and stand out from the rest. Your display is Your brand; therefore, you must make it as eye-catching as possible. Here are examples of the most popular portable trade show displays:

Pop up trade show display

Pop up trade show display is one of the best trade show marketing displays: it combines durability and style in an exceptionally portable trade show display option. This trade show display is characterized by their “pop up” feature—they can be rolled up to full height without much hassle or the need for other tools or a second person. If you are looking to cut on operation costs associated with hiring an extra hand to help with setting up the booth, contact ExpoMarketing. We will provide you with this cost-effective portable trade show display.

Literature Racks

This is one of the best trade shows marketing displays because it provides a professional way to showcase product catalogs, brochures, company magazines, brand literature, and other collateral settings. Literature Racks are portable, sturdy, and can be set up anywhere. This portable trade show display organizes promotional and marketing materials at exhibitions and trade shows. At ExpoMarketing, we offer unusual literature rack solutions designed to fit your brand concept.

Trade show display lighting 

Numerous business enterprises are competing for the attendee’s attention at any given trade show. Having the right display lighting is fundamental as it will help your display booth outshine your competitors. From halogen floodlights to spotlights to LED display lights, you will find it all at ExpoMarketing at affordable prices. Our trade show display lighting will help you set up the mood and attract your potential customer’s attention exactly the way you want it.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the best trade show marketing tools which feature an animated custom-printed banner. They are portable and easily transported in special carry bags. Banner stands help enhance your brand and products’ visibility, making them ideal for exhibition and trade shows. They can boost promotion and marketing efforts by providing a professional and striking image of your brands and products at trade shows.

At ExpoMarketing, we do in-house graphic design and printing of best trade show marketing tools so we can guarantee your graphics and logo will be presented in the most eye-catching way possible in your trade show. Besides being cheap and affordable, trade show marketing tools are a solid investment that has evidently helped multiple customers. Here are is a summary of the advantages our trade show marketing tools offer:

  • Portable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Bespoke design
  • We offer a quantity discount
  • Height advantage to make your brand stand out
  • Easy to transport