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Common Types of Trade Show Retail Displays to Choose From

Trade shows are the best place to make direct contact with old and new customers alike. When done right, they can result in a high ROI, increased revenue, and new leads. With a trade show booth, you could easily convince prospects that your product or service can solve their problem.

However, because of the vast number of companies that grace trade show flows, your exhibit needs to stand out for you to make any impact. Your highest chances of achieving this lie with you building an attractive display and employing practical trade show booth marketing ideas.

Types of Trade Show Retail Displays

With dozens of trade show retail displays available for purchase or rent, you may find the process of picking the right one a little intimidating. A strategic decision can be the difference between maintaining your ROI and blowing it. Overall, a good display should be branded, impactful, and consistent.

Here is a review of the most popular types of displays that can help you gain high traffic on your next trade show for the best results.

Custom Displays

Custom displays are the go-to choice for most exhibitors. They are built from scratch to fit the exhibitor’s size and design specifications. With a custom display, you have control over the height, width, and depth of your booth.

You can also pick the materials, design elements, and AV components you want to be included in your display. What’s more, the uniqueness of your design is sure to make your booth stand out at a trade show.

A custom trade show display is ideal for companies looking to convey dominance in their field or wishing to announce a significant breakthrough. Keep in mind that custom displays are elaborate and, therefore, relatively costly.

Modular Displays

Modular displays are an excellent alternative to custom displays. They provide the same dramatic and commanding presence as custom displays, but at a lower price and with more flexibility. You can reconfigure the display layout from show to show to keep things fresh.

Modular setups mostly consist of back walls, counters, panels, and pedestals. Consequently, they could end up being relatively large and require several people to set up. Nonetheless, modular booths are made from lightweight materials such as Plexiglas or aluminum and are easy to pack, carry, and store.

Modular displays are an excellent option for budget-conscious exhibitors who want a high-quality design.

Portable Displays

As the name suggests, portable displays are easy to pack, store, and carry. They have a lightweight design that is extremely easy to set up and bring down.

A typical portable trade show booth has a skeletal frame with attachable laminate panels that clip together. Nonetheless, the structural styles and configurations available are limitless.

For versatility, you can reconfigure and customize accessories such as volunteers, backlighting, and alcoves from show to show.

Portable displays are the most cost-effective designs and are a great option for first-time exhibitors or small trade shows.

Pop Up Displays

If you wish to go easy on labor and cost, pop up displays can make an excellent choice. Because of the lightweight design, they can be set up and brought down by one or two people within five minutes. Additionally, pop up displays are compact and therefore require minimum space for storage.

Our ExpoMarketing pop up displays come in several sizes and designs so you can pick one that fits your space requirements. They feature high-resolution graphics and attractive designs, all available at reasonable prices.


When it comes to trade show retail displays, the options are limitless. Your choice ultimately depends on your budget, space specifications, labor, and personal preference. Whatever booth you buy or rent, keep in mind that the aim is to get customers to visit it.

Make sure to accompany your display with effective trade show booth marketing ideas for the best results.

If you are stuck on what design to pick for your display, call our ExpoMarketing team and let us help you select the ideal booth for your business.

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