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How Will a Tabletop Trade Show Display Benefit Your Business?

Trade shows offer equal opportunities for growth to small startups and large veteran businesses alike. If yours is a small company, don’t fret. You don’t need to break the bank to achieve your goals. Simple tabletop trade show displays can help you generate as many leads as high-tech displays, if not more.

Achieving success in the trade show arena depends on more than just standing out of the crowd. For your business to record a high ROI, you need to promote your brand and connect with potential customers.

A subtle and exciting display draws attention away from the graphics and allows your prospects to focus on your products and services.

How Will a Tabletop Display Benefit Your Brand?

If you are searching for an affordable, yet effective display to edge out the competition at an event, you should consider looking into tabletops. Here are some reasons why. Tabletops are:

Highly Customizable

Overall, simpler display designs offer exhibitors the most customization options. Tabletops displays, for example, come in a wide array of shapes, styles, and designs. Whatever your brand’s needs are, you can find a tabletop display that suits you.

Additionally, you can include as many graphics and brand-identifying elements as you wish without crowding your space. Attendees should be able to deduce who you are with just a single glimpse.

Convenient to Transport

Although a large booth creates more visual impact, it demands more investment in transportation and shipping costs. If you don’t have enough labor, you can also spike your drayage fees significantly and inconvenience your staff.

Tabletop displays are compact, lightweight, portable trade show displays. They offer a carry-o option that allows you to transport them anywhere without stretching your finances thin.

Easy to Setup and Take Down

Tabletops are specially engineered for streamlined setup and breakdown. Thus, you can easily put together and dismantle your display within a few minutes and with the help of a few employees. The time you save on assembly can be used to focus on drawing crowds to your booth and interacting with them.

Easy to Accessorize

When it comes to accessories, tabletop trade show displays allow for a limitless list of options. Because of their subtle design, you can incorporate chairs, tables, monitors, and pop up banners into your display. As such, you can easily enhance your presence on the trade show floor by increasing your booth’s overall visual impact.


Tabletops are a budget-friendly purchase, which is perhaps their most significant merit. When compared to more elaborate models, they offer better price accessibility. This, coupled with the fact that they could provide the same results as custom booths, means that they register a higher ROI.

Great for Communication

Tabletops are built for interaction. Due to their compact space, you can communicate effectively and in minimal time with your prospective clients. Plus, your employees will be able to attend to everyone in the booth at the same time, Thanks to this feature, you can capture the selling point of your products or services impeccably.

Space Adaptable

Trade shows floors differ in size. While a large exhibit could face space restrictions, depending on the type of event, a tabletop display is a safe bet for any show. What’s more, because they are incredibly versatile, you can size up or size down to fit your space allocation.

 Wrapping Up

Tabletop trade show displays are a surefire way to generate visibility and leads at a trade show. When coupled with the right marketing strategy and impactful graphics, this small and lightweight option can help you garner recurring sales.

Call ExpoMarketing today for help finding the perfect tabletop for your nest exhibition.