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Portable Display Checklist – Do You Have Everything You Need?

Think of your trade show booth as an extension of your company office or retail space. In many ways, a portable display is exactly that—a reflection of your brand and company vision. Just like a mini-version of your office or company, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the components—big and small—to make a great first impression on potential customers or business partners. When the big day finally arrives, here is a packing list to make sure you’re fully prepared and organized for your next trade show or convention:

Checklist for Booth Set-Up—You might need different supplies and components for set-up, depending on which portable display you choose, but here is a list of common items to help get you started:


Extra Light Bulbs

Extension Cords

Surge Protector

TV Monitor and Remote

Extra Batteries

Duct Tape


Checklist for Daily Operations—A portable display booth can be your office on the showroom floor, so make sure to bring everything you would need to smoothly run your business. Items include:


Price List

Business Cards



Event Calendar

First Aid Kit

Hand Sanitizer


Paper Towels

Hand-Held Steamer

Clear Tape

Trash Container


Post-it Notes

Paper Clips

Gift Bags


Checklist for Promotional Materials—Proudly display your logo and brand with a wide array of marketing supplies:

Business Cards



Sell Sheets

Promotional Items

Free Samples

Referral Cards

Table Top Exhibit





The atmosphere at most trade shows or conventions are busy and chaotic, so having your portable display looking sharp and put together is vital when considering all the things you need at your disposal. Many elements are important in having a successful trade show, but when preparedness meets opportunity (like with these checklists), you’re already halfway to success.


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