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Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Retractable Trade Show Display

Retractable trade show displays are portable, lightweight, and durable. As such, they are fast replacing other forms of exhibits as an effective way to stand out in an event. Adding a retractable banner to your design is a surefire way to generate leads, increase your company’s ROI, and raise awareness for your brand.

However, to get the best of your banners, you need to go beyond basic designs and arrangements. With a little creativity, you can create attractive pieces and orientations that entice people to your booth. You can also find a way to fit your retractable banners into whatever space is available in your booth. Below, we give you some pro tips to help you choose eye-catching retractable banners that are set to give your excellent results.

Consider Size

While selecting a retractable display, you should consider your space specifications and location on the trade show floor. Is the venue large or small? Will your booth be in a corner or centrally placed? Once you answer these questions, you can decide on various banner heights that are proportional to your display.

A compact tabletop, for example, should fit in a small venue, while a step-and-repeat backdrop banner is ideal for sprawling spaces.

Overall, the rule of thumb is to make your retractable banner about one-third of the size of your booth. You want it to complement other elements of your display, not act as a distraction.

Go for Versatility

Trade show venues are always changing. While you may be showcasing in a hall today, you may need to exhibit outdoors next month. As such, you want a retractable banner that doesn’t limit you to certain situations. Your best bet is a banner suited to both indoor and outdoor conditions. While vertical banner stands do well indoors, for instance, horizontal banners can withstand wind better.

A versatile retractable banner should be made from durable materials such as vinyl so that the graphics never fade. You can also look for stands with firmly fixed screens or X-shaped frames as they tend to withstand adverse conditions.

Quality Trumps Cost-Friendliness

When it comes to trade shows, acquiring quality materials does not necessarily mean you have to break the bank. Nonetheless, high-quality displays are likely to cost more than less durable options. It is counterproductive to purchase a lowly priced retractable stand only to need to replace it later.

If you are going to use your display multiple times, consider the line of portable trade show displays at ExpoMarketing, which are both affordable and durable.

Deliver Your Message

Make sure your retractable display includes the message your brand wishes to send to prospective clients. Along with your company logo, you could include information about how your product or service solves the customer’s problem. You can also include product descriptions and advantages if you aim to promote it.

Keep your message concise and straightforward because you don’t have a lot of time to capture your audience’s attention.

In Conclusion

Selecting retractable trade show displays should be a conscious and strategic decision. Consider every vital aspect surrounding your exhibit, including those that extend beyond your next trade show. Ultimately, your choice of a banner should meet your brand’s needs while not damaging your ROI.

Feel free to consult with our ExpoMarketing experts, who can set you up with the best retractable banner for your business.

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