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Top 7 Tips for Marketing for a Trade Show

Savvy exhibitors carry our extensive marketing for a trade show way before it begins. This way, they can maximize their chances of success during the real show. They know exactly what to expect at the show and how to deal with any surprises.

Do you have a strategy for attracting prospects during your next show? If not, use ours. It is guaranteed to get people excited about your exhibit even before they step foot on the trade show floor.

What to do Before the Trade Show

As much as you might be tempted to put off planning for a trade show, don’t. In the trade show scene, the early bird gets all the leads. You need to make a dedicated effort to get people talking about your display. Here’s how:

Attend the Right Trade Shows

No success comes from attending every trade show in sight. You need to be strategic and deliberate about the events you attend. So you want to participate in a trade show, but is it a perfect fit for your brand? Remember, ‘close enough’ is not enough.

Liaise with Trade Show Organizers

Trade show organizers have probably been in the business for a while. Over the years, they must have collected stats and essential information about the people who attend their shows.

Talk to them about sharing this data with you. You can use it to study interest patterns and insights and better plan your trade show displays around them. 

Engage Prospect Attendees

8 out of every 10 attendees of a trade show have buying authority. Imagine how many leads you can generate by engaging prospect attendees before they step on the trade show floor. Use the host’s platform to meet people who are planning to attend and talk to them about your display. 

Invite Your Existing Clients

As a business, your clients are likely spread across the country. You can use a trade show as a means to connect with your customers from a particular area. Send an email inviting them to the show and include concrete details about your display. You can even send them a coupon or a promise of a giveaway should they stop by.

Advertise on Social Media

Your social media platforms are a marketing powerhouse. Create a buzz around the trade show through live video conferences, social media takeovers, blog posts, and twitter blasts. Reach prospective leads in any way that you can and create a rapport with them. 

Add a Personal Touch

Your prospects are likely to engage with you if you make them feel important. You can do this by creating personalized postcards and addressing people directly, where possible.

Engage Attendees the Night Before the Show

You don’t hear this often, but it works. Touch base with your prospects just before the show and remind them about your location on the trade show floor. Entice them with promises of fun games, demos, or freebies.

Don’t start implementing your marketing at the trade show. Show up with a surefire plan to dazzle the masses and acquire a high ROI for your company. Should you have any questions, call the ExpoMarketing head office for expert advice and assistance.

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