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Trade Show Ideas for Displaying Heavy Products

Most of the elegant displays flooding the market are lightweight. But, what do you do when your products require more than just beautiful graphics and a collapsible design? If you frequent to the trade show scene, you are probably familiar with this dilemma.

Finding a heavy duty booth that is appealing, portable, and easy to set up can be a real headache. This is precisely why we recently researched some trade show display ideas for heavy products.

Are you tired of stacking your bulky products on the floor? Here are some amazing tips for you. 

The Ideal Heavy Duty Booth

What is the best booth for displaying heavy products? Yes, it should be made from sturdy material. But, it should also be a compact design that is easy to transport, set up, and dismantle. You can check out our line of portable trade show displays for inspiration.

Secondly, you want a flexible booth that accommodates different display options such as shelves, podiums, racks, or tabletop displays. This should allow you to add drama to your display.

Finally, and contrary to popular belief, a heavy-duty display can be elegant. You don’t need to sacrifice branding or graphics. You can still dominate the trade show floor.

Finding the Best Booth for Your Brand

Every brand is unique. Your company’s needs will vary significantly from those of the next business. Consider the following when shopping for a heavy-duty booth:

  • How big are your products?
  • Do they need to be locked up or secured?
  • How many are you bringing to the show?
  • How do you wish to display them?
  • Do they need power?
  • Will you be demonstrating them?
  • Is there a new product you need to emphasize?

Tips for Setting up a Booth for Heavy Products 

Show Off Your Products

Some people sell fancy phones, and others sell impressive farm machinery. Whatever the size of your product, flaunt it. Don’t try to put stuff it in the corner or cover it up with marketing materials. Make your heavy product the main focus of your display. People will notice.

Don’t Bring Too Many Products

A crowded booth creates confusion and turns away prospects. What’s more, too many heavy products in your booth could be a safety hazard to you, your employees, and any visitors.

Display only your key new products or your brand’s biggest sellers. 

Provide Support

While it might be necessary to place some products on the floor, add some diversity to your booth. Try incorporating exhibit components into your display, such as towers, hanging signs, or kiosks.

Make Use of Walls

Products at eye level receive the most attention. If you have great structure and support, mount some of your heavy products directly on the wall.

Use Smaller Graphics

Large products are already an attention grabber. Adding large graphics and monitors to the mix can be overwhelming and draw away from your display. 

Be Creative

The main goal of attending a trade show is to stand out from the crowd. Bring your creativity to life with fabrics, lighting, color blocks, and glass cases. 

Don’t Over Stack

If not secured carefully, heavy products can fall and hurt visitors. 

Bonus tips:

  • Rent a space that is proportional to your products
  • Display the heaviest items at the bottom and lighter ones on top
  • Monitor your products, so visitors don’t dump things like candy wrappers
  • Leave enough room for movement.

The ExpoMarketing team is dedicated to providing solutions for all our clients. If you are having trouble finding the best display for your heavy products, contact us today to talk to our experts.


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