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Trade Show Training: Choosing the RIGHT Show for Your Company

Picking a trade show to attend is not as simple of a decision as it may seem; unfortunately, many businesses assume any show in their industry is appropriate for exhibiting at, when in reality, choosing to exhibit can cause a spread of overwhelming or underwhelming effects on the company. This trade show training examines why it is essential to research upcoming expos as well as identifies three main aspects to aid in evaluating whether or not the show is suitable for your business:

When it comes to your exhibit, it is ESSENTIAL to find out the basics of the show. Verify that the dimensions of your booth are accepted at that show – that includes “extras” such as hanging signs or raceway banners.

Another aspect to consider, besides the size of the booth, is the size of the event. Is the event large, medium, or small? Identify the size category in which your company thrives best. If you are a repeat exhibitor with a large booth to emphasize the large size of your company, attending a small- or even medium-sized expo can leave you feeling underwhelmed. On the opposite end, for rookie exhibitors, going to a huge show can swallow your company and cause the company’s investment in that show to be a loss.

Establishing a trade show budget conveniently correlates with the booth and show size evaluations. When your company identifies the best size category for their exhibit, it becomes easier to create a reasonable budget. When creating this budget, consider all expenses – cost of registration (typically, larger shows cost more to register for), cost of booth production, cost of shipping, labor, drayage, “extras”, et cetera. While these expenses tend to independently fluctuate, knowing what to expect and creating a ballpark budget helps to ensure you choose the right expo.

Ensuring your exhibit is relatable to potential customers is key to success on the show floor. Before choosing your trade show(s), pinpoint your target buyer. Instead of exhibiting for the sake of promoting your company, exhibit for the sake of attracting your target customer. Research upcoming trade shows to find out who the target buyers are, and base your choices on whether or not you can provide the appropriate products and/or services for the attending audience.


Knowing your company, researching the upcoming expos, and evaluating whether a show is suitable for your exhibit not only saves money, but increases the likelihood of obtaining leads and creating clients. Ask about our custom trade show displays today!


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