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Trade Show Training: Creating a Welcoming Exhibit Atmosphere

When exhibiting, making your booth as welcoming as possible is vital to increasing visitors and leads. People will avoid exhibits that are overwhelming, intimidating, or unwelcoming as a whole. But, often times, fostering an inviting custom trade show display is easier said than done. This trade show training serves to provide tips on creating this trade show atmosphere!


1. Graphics and Lighting
The first thing people will notice as they approach your booth is the graphics. Some qualities to consider for your graphics include color, size, and text. When it comes to color, it is important to consider both your company’s branding and the mood your company wants to convey. For example, the color red grabs attention the best – but don’t use red if it clashes with your company completely.

Another mood-setting element is the lighting of your booth. The exhibit atmosphere can be very contingent on the lighting. You want to highlight the product or the best parts of your exhibit, but avoid harsh lighting or lighting that is too dark. Also, warm lighting tends to be much more flattering on people than cool lighting.


2. Structure
While the overall booth structure is contingent on your own preference, it should be noted that the most inviting trade show booths are simple and spacious. Symmetry and floor space can make or break a booth; give your visitors enough room to explore without making them feel claustrophobic. An open booth with simple décor is inviting just in itself.


3. Exhibit Crew
Last, but certainly not least, is the exhibit crew. If your booth is the delicious cake, the staff working the booth is the icing on top. Crew members should be friendly, enthusiastic, and informative, but not overwhelming. Choose your team wisely – the ones who encompass the company, while having the qualities above, as a whole are the ones who succeed at the show.


By following these tips, your company will have a welcoming trade show booth that naturally attracts its visitors.


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