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Should You Rent Your Next Trade Show Display?

Trade show rental displays can have situational benefits. In some situations, renting a booth may even be a more budget-conscious decision. If you are a startup business looking to test out the trade show scene, for example, renting provides you with the flexibility to try out a marketing strategy until you get comfortable.

Are you wondering whether you should rent your next exhibit? Here are a few reasons why renting might be ideal for your business. A rental display:

Allows You to Accessorize

Along with renting a booth, you can also rent accessories and add-ons to add substance and functionality to your display. You can use features like shelves and kiosks, for instance, to display your products or store promotional items. You can also add lounging units where attendees can rest or catch up with your team after a long day of walking.

Other accessories available for rent include:

  • Literature racks
  • Banner stands
  • Workstations
  • Counters
  • Tables

Trade show rental displays provide you with the option to change some aspects of your design without doing a complete overhaul.

Is Budget-Friendly

If you only want to attend a few trade shows a year, renting a display should help you save money. This is also the case if you are unsure of how many times you will exhibit or are undecided on the best booth design for your brand.

Additionally, if you are new to trade shows, renting allows you to skip the trial and error period. You can dominate the trade show scene with a customized design at a fraction of the cost of buying. This, until you are ready to purchase an exhibit.

Is Versatile

At ExpoMarketing, we offer a wide variety of display options for rent. You can pick any design from retractable banners, portable trade show displays, custom exhibits, and stretch fabric displays, among others. We also allow you to reconfigure your model to suit your needs, so you have a unique, attention-grabbing display.

What’s more, you can change your style from show to show, so your presence is always felt on the floor.

Allows Experimentation

Buying a display is a permanent investment that should be undertaken with caution. Renting provides you with an opportunity to test out different booth sizes and designs before you make a choice.

You can think of it as a test drive. While you experience different logistics and setup experiences of your booth, you can begin to get a feel of what works for your brand and what doesn’t.

Later, when you are ready, you can make a more informed choice.

Saves Space

Buying a display requires you to have storage space for when you’re not exhibiting. This can mean storage costs if you don’t have any space available. On the flip side, rented displays are packed and returned to the design house immediately after a show. Thus, you save space and maintain your ROI.

Bottom Line

Trade show rental displays can be frowned upon by some companies. Nonetheless, there are situations where renting makes the most financial sense. With a display rental, you can experiment with different creative designs and enjoy incredible versatility and flexibility without sinking your ROI.

The choice to rent should be a strategic one. You should weigh all your options and make sure that your goals align with them.

If you are stuck on the decision, call our ExpoMarketing team for professional advice.