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How to Use Fabric in your Trade Show Display

Fabric displays are increasingly becoming popular in trade shows, and for a good reason. These portable trade show displays are highly customizable, affordable, lightweight, and attractive, and are a cheap way to make your trade show booth distinctive. And it does not matter whether you utilize small portable trade show displays or a big custom integrated exhibit. A fabric display is a reliable way to make a positive impact on exhibition attendees. Continue reading to learn how you can use fabric in your trade show display.

Advantages of Fabric Displays

Fabric displays are very strong and durable due to the dye-sublimation process they undergo. The process involves applying pressure and heat to print a digital color visual on a fabric. After the dye cools, your image is completely embedded into the fabric and does not disappear quickly. The outcome is vivid, attractive, and looks beautiful when artfully designed to fit your booth’s frame. Grabbing the attention of the attendees is not the only benefit of using fabric displays in your exhibit. Here are some additional benefits of using fabric displays at trade shows:

·Reduced shipment costs

The handling and shipping of heavy materials can be costly. Fabric displays, sometimes known as pop-up displays and portable displays, are lightweight and straightforward to transport.

·Straightforward assembly

Time is of the essence in any trade show event. While not all installations are the same, most fabric displays are straightforward to assemble. Even one person can do the assembly within a short time and be ready to astonish the audience within no time.


With fabric trade show displays, you don’t have to worry about your exhibition graphics looking unprofessional. Our ExpoMarketing fabric displays are flame and wrinkle-resistant, high-quality, and safe to use to offer a clean, strong appearance.

While our fabric displays are durable, proper maintenance of your displays is essential. To keep them in a faultless condition, consider utilizing an exhibit storage material that has the right temperature regulation when they are not in use.

·Enhancing your trade show return on investment

With their ease of customization, durability, and dramatic appearance, fabric trade show displays can reduce costs significantly – all while increasing traffic to your booth. By increasing leads and reducing costs, fabric displays can assist you in boosting your return on investment significantly.

You can maximize your fabric displays to suit your needs by customizing them to suit your products and adding attractive graphics that will draw the attention of the attendees to your booth. Today, the fabric is a design element that cannot be ignored in trade show marketing. To make a more significant impact on your audience and control this attention-grabbing display, be creative. The design aesthetic you select depends on the particular look you are aiming for.

Increase your chances of using fabric displays to perfection by teaming up with a trade show marketing professional. With our highly skilled and experienced designers, ExpoMarketing can assist you in creating the ideal environment to accomplish all your goals at your next exhibition.


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