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Modern Trade Show Displays

You have probably been in trade shows and seen a lot of booths that don’t have even a single drop of inspiration in them. They are usually boring and outdated. With so many mediocre trade show displays out there, it is no wonder that most exhibitors struggle with coming up with engaging ideas for their booths. How can you make your trade show display unique, on-brand, and compelling when so much of what is out there is so boring? Where can you get excellent trade show booth marketing ideas from?

We have searched the best modern trade show displays and come up with some creative trade show booth marketing ideas that you can easily integrate into the design of your booth.

Go beyond with Fabric Architecture

Fabric is among the most practical materials you can utilize in your trade show booth. Durable, flexible, and lightweight, it can make your booth break-down the wind. Additionally, the fabric can be used to make complex and elaborate architectural constructions that would be impossible or challenging to engineer with stiff materials. Fabric architectures also enable for endless creative lighting possibilities. Fabric illuminates with a softer glow than rigid materials.

Long lines and panels

Long, flowing lines promptly draw the attention of attendees. By stacking and swooping lines to create your trade show booth structure, you will create an experience that is well defined yet open and dynamic yet simple. One of the benefits of utilizing long liens to decorate and structure your booth is their aesthetic versatility. After introducing dynamic panels, and otherwise, a stuffy booth immediately looks more elegant, and simple structures become substantially more fascinating when stacked.

Enclosed settings

Transform your booth into an isolated area that cuts off the bustle and noise of the busy trade show. By creating an enclosed environment, you will attract the curiosity of attendees and capture their attention. Enclosed settings are effective design tactics for trade shows as it makes the experience immersive. However, you don’t need to trap your visitors in to make the experience more secluded. Even a more open structure can perform the trick.

Hanging displays

If your booth space is smaller than you had hoped, the design of your trade show booth will have to maximize space and utilize some visual trucks to keep things from getting overcrowded. One of the best ways to maximize the size of your booth is to draw attention upwards with hanging displays. Apart from maximizing space, hanging displays can be seen from a distance, which is absolutely a benefit at crowded trade shows. Also, they can induce a sense of wonder to the attendees.

Dynamic seating

There are three things that modern trade show attendees are constantly looking for: a place to sit, giveaways, and snacks. Attractive and comfortable seating is an ultimate strategy to lure trade show attendees to your booth. Offering your visitors a place to sit is excellent for various reasons. First, people are more likely to listen to your message when they are relaxed and comfortable than when they are irritated by standing all day. Secondly, remarkable seating displays make excellent photo opportunity – the photos can be used to promote your brand when visitors post them online. Lastly, comfortable seating will give attendees a reason to stay longer at your booth.

ExpoMarketing can assist you in creating a modern trade show display that is thoughtful, exciting, and useful. Contact us today to consult with our trade show exhibition experts.