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Small Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays offer quick and straightforward assembly. One person can do the task of setting up the booth. It is a matter of opening and mounting the frame and locking it into place, clicking the aluminum tubing together, or simply extending retractable banners. Setting up and tearing down portable trade show displays is straightforward, and it is done within a few minutes. The displays usually come in a single carrier bag or case to eliminate the risk of losing parts. With a portable trade display or booth, you have the flexibility to substitute graphics as your display needs change over time. That assists you in keeping your trade show booth marketing ideas fresh, budget-friendly, and relevant.

Portable Trade Show Displays for Regular Exhibitors

Do you use much of your time promoting your brand trade shows? Sometimes, these events can be enjoyable – especially if you are meeting a lot of new people and converting them into clients.  What is not so much fun is carrying big, bulky trade show displays through hotels and airports, or trying to squeeze them in the trunk of your car along with your baggage and other travel necessities. That is if they will even fit in your car in the first place.

We provide a wide variety of portable trade show displays.

 Unlike large, bulky trade show displays that require to be shipped in pieces to the event venue, small trade show displays can be carried along wherever you go. They are easily foldable, and their hardware is easy to unclick or retract. They can easily fit in your traveling bag for you to carry them along easily. Portable tradeshow booths can save you both time and travel costs. Without shipping costs like those of big displays, portable displays enable you to invest your money elsewhere and increase your returns. You will reach your destination with your portable trade show display, so you will not have to wait for a truck to arrive or deal with a lot of shipment.

Experience the handiness of our portable trade show booths

At ExpoMarketing, our goal is to offer exhibitors efficiency, the single factor that is often overlooked when designing displays and booths for an exhibition. There are several factors to consider when acquiring a trade show display. Here are some of the advantages offered by trade show displays that make it easier for you to decide:

  • Variety: Buying a small trade show display does not restrict you to a specific type of space or a particular type of display. Our portable displays and booths come in all varieties, such as pop-up displays, retractable banners, tabletop displays, and tension fabric displays.
  • Easy to use: Portable displays fold, click, and get into place without much hassle. Replacing graphics is also simple.
  • Lightweight: Portable trade show displays are lighter compared to full-sized booths and are mostly airline friendly.
  • Effective: A portable trade show display will feature brilliant colors and several display choices to assist in showcasing your brand without a high cost. They also help in saving the time needed to install a trade show booth to enable you to focus on other important goals that need to be Flexible: These displays offer flexibility, allowing you to change your display in every show.
  • Costeffective: You will save a lot of money by choosing a portable display as you will not incur the transport and installation costs.

ExpoMarketing understands event marketing inside and out and can help in reaching your audience with displays that will wow them. Contact us today to request a custom small trade show display.

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