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Three Ways of Making Eco-Friendly Modern Trade Show Displays

You have probably come across terms such as eco-friendly, “going green,” and “collaborative consumption.” This is the result of the global shift towards sustainable practices to fight climate change.

The concept of sustainable designs came up during the 1972 United Nations Stockholm Conference which recognized the environmental impact caused by human activities. ExpoMarketing is aware of its roles and capabilities in contributing to these ambitious goals by adopting modern and sustainable displays.

As a consequence, ExpoMarketing has come up with innovative design making processes that promote sustainable consumption while maintaining quality.

In this article, we list down three guaranteed ways of ensuring your modern trade show displays are eco-friendly.

Life Cycle Assessment

There are four stages followed when carrying out a life cycle assessment. At ExpoMarketing, we analyze all of our trade show booths to determine their environmental impact. First, we determine which product needs analysis. The second phase entails conducting an inventory of all necessary inputs used in designing the booths.

During the inventory stage, we quantify the raw materials and resources as well as the energy used in the design process. Once complete, we carry out an impact assessment to determine the carbon footprint of all our booths. Finally, our team evaluates the environmental impact and comes up with recommendations.

Greening the trade show displays as much as possible

Once the life cycle assessment is complete, ExpoMarketing adopts all the recommendations where applicable.

We also limit ourselves to the number of suppliers and try as much as possible to source for local supplies.

We assess all our raw materials and look for suppliers that provide eco-friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint. We work closely with Brumark, a company that specializes in eco-friendly flooring made from recycled rubber, bamboo, and cork, among others.

Other sustainable designs include modular display systems that adopt the 3R model of reducing, reuse and recycle. Modular systems can be displayed in different trade shows, and they only require minor changes.

Additionally, we recommend that our clients rent their displays instead of purchasing them. Clients are usually hesitant because of the notion that a rented display is of low quality compared to one that is purchased.

This is untrue because renting displays is not only cost-effective but also has the option of customizing. ExpoMarketing allows its clients to change up the graphic elements, which enables clients to use the same display for different trade shows. This is specifically advantageous when one is short of time.

The use of salvaged and reclaimed wood in creating our booths as well as LED lighting reduces energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Staging Pre-Show Visits Online

Our testimonials have proven that services and overall performance are unmatched. Our portfolio demonstrates that all our modern trade show displays match the digital renders so clients need not worry about their end product.

The trade show planning process is most often an offline matter that requires frequent travel. The logistics of transporting materials back and forth increases the carbon footprint. ExpoMarketing aims to mitigate this by organizing online pre-show visits, which includes staging the full display as well as dismantling it to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Finally, based on our recommendations it’s clear that companies have a role to play in fighting climate change. This article demonstrates that all these activities are attainable so companies should not shy away from adopting them.


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