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Top Benefits of Trade Show Roll-Up Displays

Trade show roll-up displays are known by plenty of names, including pull up stands, pop up banner stands, roll-up banners, and retractable banners. Regardless of what you call these banners, they are an excellent way to stand out at a trade show. They offer a brief yet effective insight into your company’s mission, products, or service.

When used effectively, roll-up displays are a great way to get your message across to attendees without blowing your budget or wasting floor space. You can use them to promote your brand, generate awareness, and impact new potential clients.

However, the benefits of pull up banners extend beyond being an elegant, cost-effective marketing tool. Let’s look at some more reasons why you should consider a roll up banner for your next show.

 Easy to Assemble

As the name suggests, roll-up displays quite literally roll up display the intended message. Their typical design includes a base containing the banner and a telescopic pole for support. You assemble them by pulling up the banner and slotting the pole into place.

The base and pole ensure that the banner remains steady while it is up and doesn’t swing around.


Roll-up banners are lightweight and compact. Like other portable trade show displays, they are easy to pack, store, and transport from the trade show floor to your vehicle. Additionally, they allow you enough space to carry other marketing materials that are crucial to your exhibit.

The portability of pop up banners favors exhibitors with limited labor and transport space. It can also come in handy if you wish to move your display during the show.


A high-quality retractable banner can capture and hold the attention of attendees at a trade show. This can be attributed to their height, visually appealing colors, and creative designs.

Whatever message you want to convey about your brand, a roll-up banner allows you to do it effectively and stylishly. What’s more, at ExpoMarketing, we offer a wide array of designs and sizes from which to choose.


Trade shows are an expensive affair. If you wish to raise your ROI without breaking the bank, you should consider a roll up stand. When compared to other displays, they are cheap, durable, and easy to transport, set up, and store. Thus they help you save on shipping costs, storage, and drayage fees. Also, because of their durability, pop up banners have a low cost per use.


Because of their simplistic design, these banners offer high flexibility. You can incorporate your brand colors and logo in unique ways or work with us to achieve a custom look. Ultimately, the boldness or basicness of your banner depends on your personal preference.

Easy to Store

After a trade show, you need to store your display in a safe place. Pop up banners usually roll up into the small cylinder bases and come with a protective bag. Thus, unlike large displays that may require you to rent storage space, you can easily store them in your home or office.


Roll-up banners are made to last. The messages and images are printed with first-grade ink on high-quality vinyl, so they never fade over time. As a bonus, the surfaces are water-resistant and easy to clean if they get dirt or liquid on them.

Wrapping Up

Trade show roll-up displays are an excellent addition to your marketing campaign. They are a sure way to maintain a dramatic and commanding presence on the crowded trade show floor.

Contact ExpoMarketing today and let us begin working on your custom roll up banner display for your next exhibit.